December 22, 2018

Hi Everybody! I Uploaded 3 New How-To Videos I Created To YouTube This Morning Of A Project I Finished With A Message I Gave. I'm Sharing Them With You Here. I Hope You Have A Great Day! 😊

DIY Remove Replace Install Rear Hatch Window Trim Molding 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS

DIY Remove Replace Install Roof Drip Molding Trim 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS

DIY Remove Replace Install Upper Lower Weatherstrip Trim Molding 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS

I've typed a transcript below of my intro for my international readers who need to translate and those who are not able to watch the videos:

Hi everybody, Josette here. I'm baaack and I have three brand new how-to videos that I want to share with you. And I'm going to be using this intro for all three videos related to car trim.

Now wait, before you fast forward, I have a very important message that you need to listen to, especially my 3G Eclipse family around the world. I promise this message will benefit you.

I'm the original owner of my 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. My car only has 99,000 miles on it. When I bought my car, she looked so beautiful and exotic I named her Leila (not princess Leia). Yes, I name my things and I name my plants and I name my trees. So, back to the story.

I've owned my car now for 17 years. So, naturally the trim is expected to wear out. For my car the trim started to wear out 3 years ago. I would casually ask around how or where I could restore the trim and I would get brushed off by mechanics, auto part stores, and even body shops if you can believe that. This year the trim looked soooo bad I was determined to make my car beautiful again.

This past November for my birthday present I decided to get this problem fixed. I visited three body shops. Two told me there was no way the rear hatch window trim could be replaced because it was attached to the glass. The third body shop said they could replace the rear hatch window trim for $150.

As for the rest of the six pieces of trim that I show you how-to remove and replace in my videos, they literally brushed me off as if I was asking for the impossible.

It made no sense to me. I refused to give up. So for about a month I kept visualizing my car being fully restored. I kept thanking God that it was already done, and asking God for guidance because I didn't have a clue.

On December 8th, I woke up with the idea of going to a junkyard. Now mind you, I have never been to a junkyard before. I checked online for the nearest junkyard and saw that there was a pick-a-part place by my house. I checked their vehicle inventory online and to my excitement, there were two 3G Eclipses on the lot.

On Monday December 10th, I built up the courage to visit the pick-a-part place by my house. I took my mom with me on this adventure. I'm so glad I didn't go alone because she literally served as my bodyguard. To all the girls listening to this, I highly recommend you use the buddy system. I don't care how tough you think you are. It is not safe for you to be alone inside or outside of the junkyard.

Now I'm going to help you prepare for your trip to the junkyard. It's going to cost you $3 cash per person to get in. They do accept credit cards to buy the parts you pulled and most importantly, you need to take your own tools with you. I'll leave a list of the tools you'll need in the description box below.

This was such an amazing experience for me. I no longer felt helpless and dependent on others who kept telling me no it couldn't be done. I was able to use the cars in the junkyard to figure out how-to remove the trim. Where there is a will there's a way. Nothing is impossible for those who believe. You just have to set your mind to it.

I bought all 7 pieces of car trim in excellent condition at the junkyard for $37.90 and that's with tax included. I saved myself hundreds of dollars on the parts alone. I can't imagine the ridiculous amount bodyshops would charge me for the cost of labor.

The icing on the cake was that the junkyard allows us to work on our cars in their parking lot. The admission fee is good for all day. So you can pull and buy a few parts, replace them on your car and go back in same day to pull some more parts. And we can use their garbage to throw away our old parts we just replaced.

I literally gave my car a facelift in the pick-a-part parking lot and my car was totally rejuvenated. I drove home feeling so satisfied for the work that I did and that I found the courage to teach myself how-to get the job done even though I was a nervous wreck. Knowledge is power my friends. But knowledge applied and shared is power-ful.

What took years of rejection, I was able to solve with much prayer and sheer will power within a week. I hope my how-to videos inspire you to do the same. If I can do this, so can you. And I had no prior knowledge or experience. At least you have my videos to help walk you through the process and give you a visual of the area you're working on.

It broke my heart to see 3G Eclipses in good condition being junked because they didn't know the true value of the car or because the body shops were charging an outrageous amount for the cost of labor. (to repair)

I encourage my 3G Eclipse family around the world to start picking 3G parts at their local junkyards and re-sell them on Ebay for a profit. It would be a good side business for you and a win-win situation for you and other 3G owners.

I say this because after a month the cars get crushed and those good condition OEM parts not picked are gone forever. Let me give you a visual, while I was picking the parts off of a car in the junkyard I felt like I was in a scene from Steven Spielberg's AI movie. Seriously.

You need to know that 3G Eclipse OEM parts are slowly being discontinued. I'm not saying aftermarket parts are bad, they're not. But parts like our 3G Eclipse trim has to be OEM in order to maintain the integrity of the car.

Please do yourselves a favor and ignore people who say the Eclipse is for teenagers. That's a bunch of malarkey. I just turned 49 years old and I'm a proud owner of my 3G Eclipse. Even if I bought a new car, I would keep this one. For the record, Eclipse owners worldwide are mostly older. If you don't believe me, you can watch videos of people of all ages attending the Mitsubishi Owners Day event held annually around the world. Plus, teenagers can't afford $25,000 plus 3 to 5 years of interest (added to car loan amount) for a new Eclipse car.

I have no doubt people said the same about the classic Ford Mustang. Do a search online and type classic Ford Mustang for sale and get ready to be mind blown by how one in excellent even good condition are worth. Well I have news for you, that will be our Eclipse car down the road.

I'll leave you with this last bit of advice and encouragement. Listen, the price of our 3G Eclipse is based on supply and demand. The price will increase over time as supply continues to go down because they don't make our cars anymore. It goes without saying, there will always be demand for our cars because it is a good looking car.

Simply replacing the trim on your car will substantially increase its value and it will make your car look gorgeous again. Take pride in ownership. Take pride in the work that you do on your car.

So now that I've shown you all how easy it is to restore the trim on your car, I better not see any worn out 3G Eclipses on the road. But if I do, I'll refer them to my videos and I hope that you do too. Help another 3G Eclipse owner out (to fix their car).

I wish you all the best. Have fun working on your cars. I'll be back with more how-to videos. 😊💖

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