November 6, 2018

USA: Today Is Election Day In America. 2018 US Midterm Elections. Don't Forget To Vote Today. 👍 Your Vote Does Count.

No one has to know who or what you voted for in this election or any election for that matter. You are casting a secret ballot in a private booth. Play it off if you have to for fear of reprisal from people at the polling place, or even your friends and family. It's hard, I know. But if you really want things in your community to change, and your lives to improve at home, at work, at the park, in your commute without living in fear, your vote will make a difference. We care and want the best for every American. (emphasis mine)

UPDATE 11/6/18 at 5:45pm: I added tweets below
UPDATE 11/10/18 at 5:30pm: I added tweet below

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