November 29, 2018

PAKISTAN: Islamic State Group Claims Responsibility For Suicide Attack At An Open-Air Food Market That Killed At Least 35 People. The Same ISIS Islam And The Left Want You To Believe Is A Lie.

The Associated Press
written by Staff
Saturday November 24, 2018

DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan — The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for suicide attack at an open-air food market that killed at least 35 people in northwestern Pakistan.

The IS-linked Aamaq news agency says Friday’s attack targeted “apostate Shiites” in the Orakzai region near the Afghan border.

Sunni extremists have repeatedly targeted Shiites on both sides of the border in recent years. IS has claimed several attacks in Pakistan, where authorities deny it has an organized presence.
Clarion Project
written by Staff
Sunday November 25, 2018

Proving to the world it is anything but irrelevant, ISIS in recent days reportedly mounted attacks in Chad, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Libya and Niger. Here’s a brief breakdown of the attacks:

1. In a series of attacks in Chad and Nigeria, ISIS’ arm in West Africa, Boko Haram, killed 118 people in five separate operations against military bases between November 15 and 21.

2. ISIS claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed at least 55 people at a religious gathering in Afghanistan. Victims included religious scholars who were invited from all over the world to the event of the Ulema Council in Kabul.

3. Over two days in Syria, ISIS militants killed 47 U.S.-backed fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish-led alliance. The attacks occurred in the eastern province of Deir ez-Zor on the Iraqi border.

4. ISIS also took responsibility in Pakistan for a suicide attack in a crowded bazaar in Kalaya that killed 33 and injured more than double that amount.

5. ISIS killed at least nine security officials in the southeastern Libyan town of Tazerbo in an attack on a police station. Eleven other people, including civilians and a security chief were kidnapped by the group.

6. In Niger, Boko Haram (ISIS) terrorists killed eight people who were working for a French drilling company in Toumour. Boko Haram is also suspected of kidnapping 15 girls in a night raid in southeastern Niger.
Now this California Imam is voicing what Islam has to tell us infidels (non-Muslims). They have to say that because they have to keep up the misnomer of being the religion of peace. When Islam is literally funding all of the Islamist militants groups worldwide used to overthrow non-Muslim governments or Muslim governments who don't adhere to Islamic sharia law. Think about it. Who the hell benefits from the Islamic militant groups worldwide? Hmm... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Who takes over the government after the Islamist militant groups overthrow it? Hmm... ISLAM does and Islam immediately IMPOSES Islamic sharia law on ALL PEOPLE in that country or city or town that was once NON-MUSLIM. This is like the Satanist in the other article I shared that tell us they don't worship Satan. Yeah. Okay. Whatever. 🙄 (emphasis mine)
The National Review
written by Elliot Kaufman
August 25, 2017

Not too long ago, video emerged of an imam at the University of California-Davis calling for the annihilation of the Jews and their “filth.” Now, there is a video of an imam at the Islamic Educational Center of Orange County, CA claiming that ISIS is a “production of the Israeli intelligence.”

The imam is an Iraqi-American, Dr. Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini, and in a sermon delivered on June 23rd, he made outrageous, conspiratorial, and no doubt anti-Semitic claims. Watch the offending portion here:

Al-Qazwini explains:
“All of you know who established ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and all of these terrorist organizations. You know very well. You know who paid for them, who financed them, who helped them, who purchased weapons for them, who even trained them, who protected them. You know that. This is not the production of Islam. Islam is not responsible for ISIS. There are certain agencies and governments, who established… They put hand in hand to establish ISIS, to demolish Islam from within. This was the plan. And every day we discover… It’s not… We don’t discover… The rest… We knew this… We knew the story from the beginning. When ISIS occupied Mosul three years ago, I gave a speech in Iraq. I said: ‘ISIS is the production of the Israeli intelligence.’ The Israeli intelligence… Most of their officers were trained in Israel, including Abu Bakr Al-Baghadi, who went to hell, I think, two or three days ago.”
“These types of conspiracy theories have been prevalent in the Muslim world, especially the Middle East,” said Elliot Zweig, MEMRI’s deputy director. “One would hope that in America, all communities, including the Muslim community, would be immunized from such ludicrous propaganda, let alone propagate it.”

However, the Islamic Education Center of Orange County has thus far denied any wrongdoing. Apparently, al-Qazwini has been “misunderstood and mischaracterized.” In fact, they claim he was merely “quoting information that was relayed to him directly by Iraqi government and military sources who have been leading efforts in the fight against ISIS . . . Imam al-Qazwini’s comments were not intended in any way, shape, or form to criticize the adherents of the Jewish faith.”

This appears to be wholly untruthful. Al-Qazwini’s sermon is posted in its entirety on YouTube. I have watched it. Entitled, “Islamic Shari’ah Means Tolerance and Goodness to Others,” al-Qazwini speaks a beautiful message about treating all people with respect. He even issues a powerful denunciation of ISIS and other terror groups, exactly as he should. But then, in trying to exculpate Muslims from responsibility for ISIS, he clearly states his own view that ISIS was created by Israel in order to divide Muslims internally.

It is hard to believe that anyone could think ISIS was created by Israel or is a tool of Israel. One would have to believe that the Israelis were uniquely evil, even satanic. But this is what many in the Middle East believe and transmit to Muslims around the world. Israel and Jews can be blamed for any evil. Egyptian newspapers blame shark attacks on Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency. Odd-looking migrating birds are deemed Israeli spies. Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the old anti-Semitic forgery, are still printed widely in the Arab world. This is why Bret Stephens called anti-Semitism the “disease of the Arab mind,” citing the great scholar Bernard Lewis. It makes sane people believe the insane, and allows them to avoid reflecting on the failings of their own compatriots or fellow believers.

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