October 1, 2018

USA: Florida Socialist Governor Candidate Andrew Gillum Wants A Stunning 40 Percent Increase In Florida’s Corporate Income Tax. Goodbye Jobs And Goodbye Businesses. ERGO Goodbye Revenue.

written by John Kennedy, GateHouse Capital Bureau
September 15, 2018

Republicans blast candidate over the proposal as he points out neighboring states’ rates

TALLAHASSEE — A tax Republican Gov. Rick Scott once campaigned on eliminating has emerged as a big dollar, central clash between the candidates fighting to succeed him.

In a move setting him apart from usually tax-averse Florida candidates, Democrat Andrew Gillum has called for a stunning 40 percent increase in Florida’s corporate income tax — which he wants to use to raise $1 billion more for education, including $50,000 minimum starting salaries for teachers.

The Republican Governors Association has seized on the idea, ridiculing it in a new TV spot as a “disaster for the economy.” Florida’s biggest business groups also have begun sharpening their attacks.

“National headquarters of companies in this state are focused on this like a laser beam,” said Tom Feeney, a former Republican Florida House speaker and president of Associated Industries of Florida, whose members include some of the state’s biggest companies.

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