August 23, 2018

USA: After An 18-Month Long Investigation, More Than 20 People Were Federally Indicted In Drug Bust In Georgia, Florida. More Arrest To Come. Flakka Zombie Drug Needs To Be Stopped. 😱

Fusion published on July 7, 2015: In April, we told you about how flakka, a synthetic drug easily ordered online from China, has become "the new crack" for many South Floridians.

Through the first half of last year alone, Florida saw more than 600 confirmed seizures of alpha-PVP — the main active ingredient in flakka. Most of them were concentrated in just three counties.

The epidemic has shown no sign of abating this year, or even recently: Eight individuals have died in the last month as a result of flakka overdoses. Earlier this month, the Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi issued a statewide warning to parents about its dangers.

We spent 24 hours in an ambulance riding through Ft. Lauderdale chasing reports of flakka.

"You don't know how they're going to act," one EMT says. "That's why we send so much manpower going to all these flakka calls."

The first call came in in less than an hour.

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WALB10, ABC News
written by Emileigh Forrester, Anchor
Wednesday August 20, 2018

BAINBRIDGE, GA - More than 20 people are behind bars on federal drug charges after a major drug roundup in South Georgia.

According to Bainbridge Public Safety (BPS), multiple South Georgia law enforcement agencies helped with the drug bust.

All suspects are facing federal indictments for getting and selling controlled substances in Southwest Georgia and North Florida. BPS said those arrested lived in Bainbridge, Cairo, Thomasville and Tallahassee, Florida. The drug bust was the culmination of an 18-month long investigation.
According to Bainbridge Public Safety Deputy Director Frank Green, the investigation was successful because of the long hours put in by CPD, BPS, TCDU, DEA as well as the assistance provided by District Attorney Joe Mulholland and Assistant District Attorney Christopher Quinn of the South Georgia Judicial Circuit. - BPS
The investigation revolved around the sale and distribution of cocaine, crack cocaine, Mollie or MDMA and "Flakka" or Alpha-PVP and N-Ethylpentylone.
Based on the results of the investigation, investigators obtained federal indictments for over twenty individuals suspected of obtaining and selling controlled substances in Southwest Georgia and North Florida. Individuals arrested lived in the area of Bainbridge, Cairo, Thomasville, and Tallahassee. More indictments and arrests are expected to come in the near future. - BPS
Law enforcement is expecting more arrests.

Agencies involved with the roundup included Bainbridge Public Safety Criminal Investigation Unit, Cairo Police Department, Thomasville/Thomas County Narcotics/Vice Division, U.S. Marshal's Office and the Grady County Sheriff's Office.

BPS said that those arrested were taken to a U.S. courthouse in Albany where the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Georgia will handle their prosecution, with the exception of two Florida suspects. They were taken into federal custody in North Florida and are being prosecuted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in Tallahassee.

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