August 8, 2018

Happy Hump Day Everybody! Sending Some Inspiration Your Way...❤

Hi everybody, hope you're doing well. I just felt the need to remind you to consciously and conscientiously cheer yourself on when you've done something you're happy about. My senior mom lives with me. I'm happy I was able to check off some items on my wish list today that would benefit both of us and she couldn't care less. She actually turned into grumpy cat when I shared the good news. Now, I could easily allow her negativity to affect me, or trigger me. But, I am aware that she is who she is and I am who I am. And that's okay. I don't need her to celebrate with me. It would be nice. But it's okay with my soul. I will consciously continue to be happy about taking action on a project I couldn't wait to get done. So, I'm patting myself on the back and feeling good right now. 😊👍 I hope my little story inspires you to do the same. Life is too short for us to be angry or hurt. Let it go and forgive quickly. Love you! 💞
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A post shared by Global Awareness 101 (@globalawareness101) on

UPDATE 8/8/18 at 10:54am: I added the tweet below.

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