August 25, 2018

GREECE: 35,000 Cat Lovers From Around The World Apply For Their Dream Job On Syros Island. 😊👍🐱💖

Greek City Times, Greece
written by Staff
Tuesday August 21, 2018

Over 35,000 cat lovers from around the globe have submitted applications in the hope of becoming the lucky person who will be hired to take care of 55 cats on a property on Syros island.

Not only will the successful applicant have the joy of being with so many cats, they will also get paid for it and be able to stay in a fully paid for modern little home with an amazing view of the Aegean Sea.

ABC News has reported that Joan and Richard Bowell of God’s Little People Cat Rescue who placed the ad, have been flooded with over 35,000 applications since the job post went viral.

“When we put up the advert, we expected about maybe 20-30 applicants — we were utterly overwhelmed to get to more than [35,000],” Joan and Richard Bowell of God’s Little People Cat Rescue told ABC News.

“It all said one thing to us – there are so many people out there who really love cats and want them to have a proper life.”

The job, which includes free accommodations in a house on the island property with water and electricity, went viral shortly afterward. The sanctuary founders said they received many follow-up inquires asking: “Is this for real? A job, paid, with a house and car to look after cats?”

The job starts in November and the sanctuary will keep the application open through to the end of August, so if it sounds like your dream job, get your resume over asap!

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