August 24, 2018

ENGLAND: In Gun-Free UK, A Surge Of The Previously Unheard Of Phenomenon Of Acid Attacks Has Seen An Average Of 15 A Week Over The Past Three Years, 73% in London.

Breitbart London News
written by Oliver JJ Lane
Monday August 13, 2018

The United Kingdom’s surge of the previously unheard of phenomenon of acid attacks has seen an average of 15 a week over the past three years, with the vast majority taking place in the crime-struck capital, London.

There were 2,602 acid attacks in Britain between January 2015 and May 2018, the equivalent of 15 a week, according to government figures accessed by The Mirror newspaper.

Comparing that figure — which will almost certainly be higher on average for 2018 crimes given the apparent surge in acid attacks in the past year — the newspaper notes between 2007 and 2011 there were just 100 such attacks, or just one a fortnight over the period.

Of the attacks, the majority took place in London — 73 per cent — despite just 12 per cent of people in the United Kingdom living in the capital.

The paper also reports instances of particular attacks that have taken place in recent years, some of which child victims and even child perpetrators — one as young as six years old.

Breitbart London has reported on the rising prominence of acid attacks in the United Kingdom and in London in particular, with the city being crowned the world acid attack capital in 2017, with incidents reaching “epidemic” levels, according to medics working on acid victim care.

While the attacks are often severely debilitating and leave victims with what are euphemistically called “life-changing injuries”, Britain saw its first prosecution for an acid attack killing in 2018.

Xeneral Webster, 19, was sentenced to 17 years in prison after he chucked a bottle of high strength acid over a nurse during a botched robbery. The victim, who had just come from the grave of her daughter, died 11 days later.

In another attack which saw particularly strong media attention, a three-year-old boy was splashed with acid during a “deliberate” attack which police attributed to “community violence”. The extent to which the boy’s injuries will impact him in the long run is not yet known. Five were subsequently arrested, with the case soon going to court.
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Express News, UK
written by James Bickerton
Thursday August 9, 2018

SHOCKING new data shows that the UK has seen over 2,000 acid attacks in less than three years, with the majority of cases in London and police officers amongst the victims.

The data, which was collected by The Mirror newspaper, comes from 30 UK police forces.

Within their jurisdictions 2,006 acid attacks were recorded between January 2016 and May 2018.

Victims included four police officers in West Yorkshire, whilst one attack recorded by Devon and Cornwall Police in 2016 also saw the victim raped.

A significant majority of attacks took place in London.

Within London, Newham borough in the east recorded the most attacks, with a total of 273.

Of the incidents which have taken place in London so far this year, 63 percent were accompanied by another violent crime such as sexual assault or burglary.

The average age of victims in London was 30, whilst the average age of suspects was 24-25.

According to the Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) the UK has per capita one of the highest rates of acid attack in the world.

The number of attacks has been increasing rapidly, with 228 recorded incidents in 2012 but 601 in 2016.

There is speculation that gangs are turning to acid over knives or guns as possession is so hard to monitor.
Dr Simon Harding of Middlesex University told The Sun: “Acid was once a weapon of last resort but may now be the first.

“It’s used by gangs, if a business deal goes wrong or someone owes money. People can have a legitimate reason for having acid.”

In response 1,000 acid crime response kits have been distributed to London police.

Former Home Secretary Amber Rudd also announced plans to make it illegal to sell corrosive substances to children.

Late last month a three year old boy was seriously injured by an acid attack in Worcester.

Five men have been charged with committing grievous bodily harm over the incident.

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