July 27, 2018

Total Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse In Aquarius On Friday July 27th. Longest Eclipse Of The Century by Tania Gabrielle.

Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius
Longest Eclipse in Century
written by Tania Gabrielle
contact her at www.TaniaGabrielle.com
[source: CrystalWind.ca]

The LONGEST eclipse of the century happens this Friday, July 27!

This incredible TOTAL Full Moon Lunar Eclipse activates at 9:20 pm UT (London), 4:20 pm EST (N.Y.), 1:20 pm PDT (L.A.) and is redefining how you direct your life.

Also a powerful “Blood Moon” eclipse, it triggers a magnificent 9:9:9 numerology code – attracting the big shift you have been yearning for!

All the energetic baggage you’ve been carrying around – sometimes lifetime after lifetime – can now be easily DISCARDED and replaced by Clarity, Compassion and Courage.

You are moving into a bright new future with CONFIDENCE!

A super strong “T-Square” involving the Sun, Moon, Mars retrograde and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) reinforces the eclipse's already dynamic and surprising energy!

With the Moon in Aquarius, sign of breakthroughs, feeling unrestricted about looking FORWARD is front and center.

Aquarius goes against the grain, does not conform to expectations, bypasses past patterns and moves forward fearlessly into the UNKNOWN.

The same shift is reflected in Numerology code and celestial geometry:
  • The date of the eclipse, July 27, 2018 triggers a Double 27:27.
  • July, 2018 is an 18 Universal Month.
  • Both the numbers 27 and 18 reduce to root number 9.
  • Thus we have a Triple 9-9-9.
The letting-go energy is super strong.

Forgive and don’t HOLD ON to something that is no longer MEANT to be part of your experience now. This will be your ultimate key to move to a higher vibrational state…

Allow love to inform every decision, infuse every conversation, inspire every thought… allow the core of your being to be filled with love.

Love, trust, patience, gratitude and forgiveness will enable you to move through this dramatic Total eclipse without drama or losing your balance.

Fortunately you feel very strong at this time – six planets are in FIXED signs during the eclipse, which imbues you with strength.

You HAVE the fortitude to come through ANYTHING.

Tip: Focus on Practical Activities to tone down the intensity, and focus your energy on being pro-active.
  • Moon is conjunct Mars retrograde.
Moon and Mars are less than a degree apart, at 3° and 4 in Aquarius – opposite the Sun!

Your instincts are lightning fast!
  • A potent T-Square involving the Sun, Moon, Mars retrograde and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) defines this empowering total lunar eclipse!
T-squares are a very dynamic call-to-action.

This particular T-square promises that changes happen instantaneously, surprisingly and FAST.

Eclipses bring hidden feelings to the surface. For some this can be stressful, so you may encounter people who over-react and getting easily triggered or upset.
  • Fortunately, Mars is retrograde and will encourage you to breathe… and go
  • Fortunately, Saturn CALMS the energy down with a beautiful trine to Uranus, providing a harmonious outlet for the tense, even explosive energy.
Saturn trine Uranus amplifies calmness…

You want to focus on being in full acceptance mode, as you FEEL, LISTEN, TUNE IN – and then ACT.

Allow this Total Lunar Eclipse – the LONGEST eclipse of our 21st Century – to bring you back home to your Soul’s Divine Origins.

Gratitude will get you there in an instant! (Yes, it is that easy!)
  • We are changing everything on Earth… nothing will be the way it was before.
  • Aquarius encourages you to find NEW answers!
ALL is being rebalanced.

You are evolving rapidly for your highest good…


Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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I added the images above to Tania Gabrielle's message I've shared with you in this post. The pictures and gifs that I share sum up my interpretation of the current astrological message. It took me forever to feel connected with a picture message to share with you. Just at the moment I almost gave up, this message came through. These images are from the series, The Legend of Korra. This is the scene when they went into the 'fog of lost souls' and almost found themselves trapped inside forever.
UPDATE 7/28/18 at 12:28pm:

Hi everybody, how are you all feeling today? Take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for 3 seconds, then exhale through your mouth. This will help to center you and ease any anxiety you may be feeling from the vibrational tsunami washing over our plane at this time. It will cause people to lose their minds and get trapped in their own mental prisons.

I was left puzzled by the picture message I shared with you in this post last night. Then clarity came to me this morning. One of the characters named Tenzin fought hard against the fog that causes people to get trapped in their nightmares. Even though I couldn't understand why I needed to share this picture message with you last night, I totally get it now. Stay focused. Remember who you are. Don't lose sight of your mission here on earth and most importantly, love yourself. No one can do this for you. Don't love yourself in a conceited way. Conceit is fake and shallow. Conceited people have no substance. I am talking about a nurturing kind of love. The Oxford dictionary defines Nurture as: nurture - care for and protect (someone or something) while they are growing.
"The Fog of Lost Souls is a spirit prison for humans. I read about that in ancient text. The fog is actually a spirit that infects your mind and slowly drives you mad, imprisoning you in your own darkest memories."
— Tenzin explains the nature of the fog to his siblings.
You can read about the Fog of Lost Souls at this link from Avatar Wiki.

Please watch this Fog of Lost Souls clip to get a deeper message concerning this total lunar blood moon eclipse vibe affecting us now.

"Dad, I've failed you. I am no spiritual leader, and I've let the world down. I'll never be the man you were."

"You are right. You are trying to hold on to a false perception of yourself. You are not me, and you should not be me. You are Tenzin."

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