July 8, 2018

The Secret To You... ♥

Save this video clip and use it to EMPOWER yourself daily! Begin your day by reading these declarations out loud. In effect, you are saying to the Universe I AM!

We must first learn to love, respect and value ourselves before we can love, respect and value others. Thereby being able to give to others unconditionally. It starts from the inside out.

Sure the current state of affairs may be in turmoil. However, you can choose to be at cause instead of effect. You can decide NOT to become a victim of your circumstances. But to see this as a challenge for you to overcome! You MUST be determined to not let the negative forces that surround you have control over you. Don't let the dark forces steal your peace and your joy! Don't let the outside World dictate who you are or how you feel! Get to know yourself and strengthen your resolve. You are a unique and authentic person as God created you to be! Do NOT let anybody make you feel ashamed of who YOU are!

FEAR IS your greatest enemy and FEAR is a form of oppression. People are taught to substitute fear for reason. DO NOT allow fear to seep into your spirit. CHOOSE to be happy and find peace in the midst of the storm no matter what. Try smiling even if you don't feel like it, listen to music that inspires you, watch a movie that inspires you or better yet, say out loud "I choose to BE happy".  

Watch and see how doing these things quickly changes how you feel. Surround yourself with positive forces! The seeds of discouragement can not take root in a grateful heart. What are you grateful for today?

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