July 1, 2018

Sharing An Exchange I Had On Twitter This Past Thursday. I Received Many Replies To My Response To Question Asked. But I Only Replied To A Few. Keep In Mind, These Atheists Are Ex-Muslims.

This reply she gave me in the tweet below 👇 is what Muslims are taught about Jesus Christ. That's why I get shocked and dismayed when I hear the Catholic Pope praise and honor Islam. He might as well be honoring Satanism since satanist feel the same way about Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. What kind of example is the Catholic Pope trying to be for his flock? Praising a religion that denies Christ, the Word of God? Not only that, Islam claims allah told Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael. In the Quran, allah actually allowed Abraham to sacrifice Ishmael by slicing his throat and killed him. Then allah brought Ishmael back to life. That is a total and complete utter lie. In the first half of the Bible, which is the Jewish Torah written thousands of years BEFORE Muhammad was even born, Yahweh told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, NOT Ishmael, Yahweh STOPPED Abraham right before he was going to go through with it and gave Abraham and his son Isaac a ram to sacrifice in his place. Furthermore, it is a lie that Islam is an Abrahamic faith. Islam was created around 666 AD years after Muhammad had the cousin of his first wealthy wife translate the Bible and then twisted details to create the Quran. No joke. Muhammad was murdered by his own family in 632 AD after he slaughter masses of people  who refused to submit to him when he went on a conquering spree to establish his caliphate (kingdom). Islam literally means submission. The penalty for leaving Islam is DEATH. Christians and Jews don't get killed if they decide to leave the faith. Their mahdi (messiah) comes at the 6th trumpet when Christians are expecting the antichrist to show up. Jesus Christ, our messiah, returns at the 7th trumpet. (emphasis mine)

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