July 3, 2018

INDIA: Eight-Month-Old Discharged From Government-Run Universal Healthcare Hospital Without Treatment. Jimmel Kimmel Wouldn't Be Using This Kind Of Healthcare He's Pushing On You.

DNA News, India
written by Cheena Kapoor
Tuesday June 5, 2018

Sunday night turned into a nightmare for Ram Vinay Prasad, a resident of the Okhla area in the national Capital. His eight-month-old daughter, who suffers from septal defect (hole in the heart), was admitted to the government-run Employee State Insurance Hospital (ESCI) in Okhla on May 25.

On Sunday, the ESIC hospital her to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in the middle of the night, without checking with the hospital first regarding the availability of beds there.

Prasad also claims that despite several requests, ESIC refused to refer the child to a private hospital citing a rule that needs the identified patient to have more than two years of registration.

Ragini also suffers from thyroid. Despite the family's regular requests, the child was only given the basic thyroid treatment, which worsened her condition and on Sunday. When the family requested to be referred to the Apollo Hospital under EWS (economically weaker section) category, they were refused.

"We kept requesting them to let us take her to a private hospital since septal defect treatment requires special care, but they did not pay heed. Before her cardiac treatment she also needed treatment for her thyroid, we were sent to AIIMS without any communication between the hospitals and thus were refused a bed there," said Prasad, who works as a helper at a printing press.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences refused treatment citing unavailability of beds and asked to bring the patient back on June 20. With no other option left, the family approached social activists and visited Safdarjung hospital, where she was later given a bed.

"There is no such thing as a two-year registration before a patient can be referred to a private hospital under the EWS category. The fact that ESIC staff did not even try to contact the private hospital and sent the sick baby to AIIMS without checking shows the kind of negligent attitude towards the patients. This is heart-wrenching," said Ashok Aggarwal, advocate and social activist.

Ben Shapiro Deconstructs Jimmy Kimmel's Healthcare Monologue
I added the video above because Ben does a good job explaining how our U.S. healthcare system already does not deny the best health care for a child even if the parents can't afford the treatment. He uses Los Angeles Children's Hospital as an example.

But it's mind-boggling to see celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel help push government-run Universal Healthcare on our nation when they wouldn't be using it themselves because frankly it sucks. U.S. Medicaid is an example of what the Democrats want for all Americans. Which is the same garbage healthcare service that is being described in these two examples in India. The government decides what care you get and when. You have no control of the fate of your health. Which is why I am against government-run Universal healthcare and Single-Payer healthcare. (emphasis mine)

DNA News, India
written by Cheena Kapoor
Wednesday June 20, 2018

An Uttar Pradesh police personnel' s four-month-old daughter, who was born with both the coronary arteries on one side, has been given a 2021-date for a surgery by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). The condition of the baby is so serious that she requires to be operated upon within four months.

The man working in the surveillance team in the additional director general of police' zone in Allahabad has been asking for help from the Prime Minister and the Union health minister on social media for the past two months. The officer has now decided to admit her to a private hospital in the national Capital.

Sanat Kumar Singh has been tagging all the ministers in his posts on social media to save his daughter, Vaishnavi's life. The baby has both her coronary arteries on the same side and as per the doctors from AIIMS, she should be operated in the next few months. Singh, who has also worked in the social media team under the director general of Uttar Pradesh police, has not heard from anybody yet despite his constant efforts.

"There are two main arteries - the aorta and pulmonary artery; and two coronary arteries from each side. In very rare cases, these originate from one side causing an abnormal course. The abnormal course can cause the anomalous coronary artery to be squashed or kinked during exercise. If the blood supply to the heart is interrupted it can cause a heart attack or the heart to beat in dangerous fast rhythms that can be fatal. The cause of coronary artery anomalies is not known, however, they do not appear to be hereditary," said Dr Nabajit Talukdar, senior consultant, cardiology and cardio-thoracic surgery, Batra Hospital.

Vaishnavi, born in February, has been ill since the day she was born. While doctors have given May 10, 2021 for the operation, they also said that she should be operated soon enough. Earlier this month, AIIMS had given a 2023 surgery date to a four-month-old baby with a hole in her heart.

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