June 6, 2018

USA: President Trump Commutes Life Sentence Of Nonviolent Drug Offender After Meeting With Kim Kardashian, An Advocate Of Criminal Justice Reform. She's Doing A Great Job! Obama REFUSED.

written by Patrick Hauf
Wednesday June 6, 2018

Remember when the New York Post made fun of Kim Kardashian West for meeting with President Trump last week? Well, it looks like that meeting just changed someone's life forever.

Trump commuted the sentence of 63-year-old great-grandmother Alice Marie Johnson on Wednesday afternoon.

Johnson has served 21 years in prison since she was sentenced to life in jail after her involvement in a cocaine trafficking operation. The first-time, non-violent offender was brought to Trump's attention by Kardashian, an advocate of criminal justice reform.
Kardashian first reached out to Ivanka Trump, who got her in contact with her husband, Jared Kushner, a senior advisor to the president who too has been advocating for criminal justice reform.
"Ms. Johnson has accepted responsibility for her past behavior and has been a model prisoner over the past two decades. Despite receiving a life sentence, Alice worked hard to rehabilitate herself in prison, and act as a mentor to her fellow inmates," the White House stated Wednesday.

While flirting with certain aspects of criminal justice reform, the White House also made sure to emphasize their tough-on-crime mentality.

"While this Administration will always be very tough on crime, it believes that those who have paid their debt to society and worked hard to better themselves while in prison deserve a second chance."

Does this move signal a shift in the president's approach to criminal justice? Only time will tell.
UPDATE 6/6/18 at 8:18pm: I added the tweet below.
UPDATE 6/7/18 at 2:35pm: I added the tweet below.

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