June 22, 2018

USA: The National Border Patrol Council Just Identified Peter Fonda As A ‘Domestic Terrorist’ After The Actor Advocated Terrorizing Agents’ Children.

Border Patrol Council - BPUnion.org
written by NBPC
Thursday June 21, 2018

Once again, we have a deranged liberal “star” born with a silver spoon in his mouth who thinks play-acting as a “tough guy” in a movie equates to being a tough guy in real life. This guy is the lowest of the low!

Here are Peter Fonda’s recent tweets:
Yes, this is what passes for “inclusion, acceptance, kindness, feminism, gender equality, love and peace” in the world of so many liberals. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. How about the “Be Kind” stickers on cars and “Love Trumps Hate” motto that are so popular in liberal circles? Do those apply here? And the really hilarious part about Fonda’s tweets encouraging domestic terrorism is his avatar on Twitter flashing a “peace” sign.

Peter Fonda and his sibling “Hanoi Jane” Fonda have been extremely wealthy since birth. They can afford armed guards, luxury, private schools and massive home security measures. Border Patrol agents cannot afford these things. We actually work for a living. This is the same Peter Fonda who advocates taking guns away from average Americans on one hand and then encourages domestic terrorism against average Americans on the other hand. Think about that for a minute. How wise were our Founding Fathers to include the 2nd Amendment in our founding documents?

Law enforcement isn’t pleasant Peter, it isn’t a movie where you are constantly being catered to by sycophants and you’re pampered, protected and made to think you’re really someone better than the rest of us. You aren’t! For us, the bad guys and the constant danger are real. Ask the Tucson agent who was shot last week by illegal aliens, Peter. Yes Peter, the bullets were actually real. Do his traumatized children deserve to be terrorized at their schools because he’s a Border Patrol agent. What about his wife? Should she be hunted down and terrorized too? What about the children of agents who have been killed in the line of duty Peter? Should they be terrorized at school as well?

Peter, you are a despicable, hateful, spoiled, and entitled punk. Your life of privilege since birth is not what most of us deal with. We have to work hard every day to make a living for our families. Some of us do dangerous jobs that most Americans wouldn’t touch. Our children have to put up with enough as it is. Demonizing us is low. But encouraging domestic terrorism against our children is unforgivable. Encouraging violence against the President’s son is unforgivable. Asking people to kidnap the DHS secretary, strip her naked, put her in a cage and letting people poke her with sticks demonstrates just how unhinged you really are.

Peter, seek some mental health treatment. You need it!
Yahoo News
written by Jeremy Fuster, The Wrap
Wednesday June 20, 2018

Sony Pictures Classics released a statement Wednesday evening condemning actor Peter Fonda’s tweet about Donald Trump and his son, Barron, but says it will not remove Fonda from the film “Boundaries,” which the indie distributor will release this weekend.

“Peter Fonda’s comments are abhorrent, reckless and dangerous, and we condemn them completely,” the statement read.

“It is important to note that Mr. Fonda plays a very minor role in the film. To pull or alter this film at this point would unfairly penalize the filmmaker Shana Feste’s accomplishment, the many actors, crew members and other creative talent that worked hard on the project.”

Fonda made the tweet during a late-night online rant against Trump and his administration’s family separation policy against undocumented migrants on the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles,” the actor wrote in all-caps. “And see if mother will stand up against the giant a-hole she is married to.”

The tweet received a swift backlash, with Donald Trump Jr. calling Fonda a “sick individual” in a response tweet. Fonda deleted the tweet and issued an apology.

“I tweeted something highly inappropriate and vulgar about the president and his family in response to the devastating images I was seeing on television,” he wrote. “Like many Americans, I am very impassioned and distraught over the situation with children separated from their families at the border, but I went way too far. It was wrong and I should not have done it. I immediately regretted it and sincerely apologize to the family for what I said and any hurt my words have caused.”

Fonda has a minor role in the upcoming film “Boundaries,” which will be released on five screens in New York and Los Angeles this weekend. After condemning Fonda on Twitter, Trump Jr. noted Fonda’s presence in the film and floated the idea of him being removed from the final cut, comparing it to ABC cancelling the hit show “Roseanne” just hours after lead star Roseanne Barr posted racist tweet.
BIG difference between Roseanne Barr and Peter Fonda's tweets. Roseanne Barr made ONE REPLY TWEET about ONE PERSON she was demeaning who she doesn't agree with politically. Roseanne Barr had her entire legacy destroyed by the entertainment industry for this offense. Peter Fonda on the other hand, wanted to cause physical HARM to children and adults he doesn't agree with politically. Peter Fonda's apology is meaningless because he was making arrangements with others how it was to be premeditated. He set off a storm with Antifa, the para-militant wing of the Marxist Democratic party who are eager to injure, even kill the opposition. Peter Fonda is a horrible human being.  I will reiterate, and keep reiterating, WE ARE NOT A 3rd WORLD NATION, stop trying to turn us into one. (emphasis mine)
“I wonder if they will apply the same rules to [Fonda] that they did to [Barr.]” Trump Jr. tweeted. “I have a strange suspicion that they won't [sic] do anything.”
UPDATE 6/22/18 at 9:25pm: I added the tweets below.

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