June 26, 2018

USA: A Bar In Chicago Has Implemented A New Dress Code Specifically Banning “Make American Great Again” Hats And Face Tattoos.

Fox News
written by Reuters staff
Monday June 25, 2018

A bar in Chicago has implemented a new dress code specifically banning “Make American Great Again” hats and face tattoos. The establishment said the move was made after “much consternation and consideration” to “maintain a ‘classy environment.’”

The Replay Lincoln Park bar announced the “strictly enforced” rules over the weekend in a post on their Facebook page.

“After much consternation and consideration and to maintain a “classy environment”, Replay Lincoln Park has implemented a new and strictly enforced dress code. No face tattoos, no specific hats, please see below. Let’s keep it classy Chicago. Sincerely, management,” the post read.

Customers responded both in favor of and against the arcade bar’s decision.

“I love the bar MORE NOW! BEST HAT BAN EVER!” one woman wrote praising the ban.

“Love you guys,” another in favor said.

“What lame douchy weak thing can we do to drum up business. Let's mock our President and his constituents. You're so edgy,” one person against the ban wrote.

“I’m not even a trump fan, I hate the moron. However we have tolerance and free political thinking, no matter how 'socially moral' it is or isn’t,” one person commented on the post.

To those who took issue with the ban, Replay Lincoln Park jokingly responded, “Ok they can come in but they’ll have to pay to play the games. Free speech but for a price," referring to those wearing MAGA hats.

The controversial choice comes two months after a New York City judge ruled that bars can refuse service to people wearing MAGA hats.

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