June 8, 2018

SCIENCE: Skeleton Of A Rare Form Of Dinosaur Auctioned For Over 2 Million U.S. Dollars At Eiffel Tower. The Species Of The Dinosaur Remains a Mystery.

Xinhuanet News, China
written by Staff
Tuesday June 5, 2018

PARIS, June 5 -- The skeleton of a rare form of dinosaur was sold for over 2 million U.S. dollars at the Eiffel Tower in Paris Monday.

The bones, nine meters long and 2.6 meters high, were discovered during a dig in the U.S. State of Wyoming in 2013. The dinosaur is believed to have lived during the late Jurassic period about 150 million years ago, according to the Aguttes auction house.

The species of the dinosaur so far remains a mystery for researchers as its bones are different from any known types of dinosaurs.

Scientists first thought it was an allosaurus, but after an in-depth examination, the skeleton presented major anatomical differences from known allosaurus, having notably more teeth and distinctive bones.

The buyer of the skeleton, who refused to be named publicly, purchased the dinosaur's skeleton for about 2.36 million U.S. dollars.

The auction house promised that the new owner would be allowed to choose a name for the dinosaur, "as long as it's scientific, and subject to peer review."

Part of the proceeds from the sale will go to two charities fighting for the preservation of endangered species.

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