May 9, 2018

USA: Today Is The 73-Year Anniversary Of America Defeating The Nazis.

The Smokeroom
written by David Hookstead
Wednesday May 9, 2018

Today marks the 73-year anniversary of the United States officially celebrating victory over the Nazis in Europe.

World War II saw the carnage that we will hopefully never see again, and it also proved without question that America is the greatest country the world has ever known.

Millions of young American men went to Europe armed with M1 rifles and Thompson submachine guns hellbent on bringing freedom and killing Nazis. We would lose over 100,000 men in Europe before the Nazis finally waived the white flag.

Make no mistake about it, ladies and gentlemen. We came to kick ass, take names and drink beer. Our boys showed up without any beer, and we all know what happened next.

D-Day was our coming out party. We didn’t just knock on the door of Europe. We ran directly through it. American forces took the beaches with our allies, and the airborne dropped in behind enemy lines to smoke out the enemy. The Nazis had no idea what had hit them. HBO’s “Band of Brothers” did a phenomenal job of bringing the war to life.

Nowadays, the youth whines and complains if their morning Starbucks isn’t served properly. Our boys back in the day ran into enemy machine-gun fire looking to kill a German with every round in their M1 rifle.

Imagine being a German soldier on D-Day. You’d watch wave after wave of American soldiers hit the beach as your artillery becomes silent thanks to our badass Airborne soldiers. That’s what America is all about.

How about when we held the line in Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. In Bastogne, some American paratroopers were down to a single bullet left to hold off the German offensive. That’s a horrifying thought, and our guys still didn’t break.

Even when we were completely surrounded, General McAuliffe simply replied “NUTS!” when the Germans told the Americans of our impending doom. We still held that line. The Germans thought they could break through our lines and shift the winds of the war. They found out real quick that farm boys from the South and Midwest armed with rifles had very different plans.

God bless every man who got a troop carrier to Europe, loaded his weapon, fought the Germans and killed as many as they could. We lost a hell of a lot of great men along the way, but that’s the price of freedom. This is a price that we must never forget because when we do, things like the Holocaust happen.

I hope our enemies know that America doesn’t play games, and the same fate that met the Nazis awaits every enemy on the planet who would dare threaten us.
This person is totally praising Stalin. ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿผ He literally starved his people. They were eating their own babies to survive. Wow. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ This Trump-Russia collusion bullcrap investigation needs to be stopped right now. The Marxist Left Democrats are so enamored with Russia and even the Nazis, it's incredible how they're making it look like Trump and his supporters are who they are. That doesn't even sound right. But that's what they're doing with the help of the media and even the late night comedian talk show host. The Marxist Democratic Left in America also agrees with Marxist tactics on wanting ALL OF THEIR OPPOSITION SILENCED, if not murdered, then sent to re-education camps.

written by R.J. Rummel
[source: University of Hawaii]

This book is part of a project on government genocide and mass killing in this century. The aim is to test the hypothesis that the citizens of democracies are the least likely to be murdered by their own governments; the citizens of totalitarian, especially Marxist systems, the most likely. The theory is that democratic systems provide a path to peace, and universalizing them would eliminate war and minimize global, political violence. This was the conclusion of my Understanding Conflict and War,1 and has been further confirmed by systematic, empirical tests since.

In the process of that research, I discovered that governments have murdered millions of their own citizens, and that in some cases, the death toll may have actually exceeded that of World War II. To get some idea of the numbers involved, I surveyed the extent of genocide and mass killing by governments since 1900. The results were shocking: according to these first figures, independent of war and other kinds of conflict, governments probably have murdered 119,400,000 people, Marxist governments about 95,200,000 of them. [That's 95.2 MILLION (emphasis mine)] By comparison, the battle-killed in all foreign and domestic wars in this century total 35,700,000.

Among the first studies undertaken was that of Soviet genocide and mass murder. This was a very difficult task, for while widely different estimates were available on such Soviet institutions as the labor camp, such polices as collectivization or the Red Terror, or such events as the deportation of Poles in 1939-1941, few experts had tried to systematically accumulate and total them over Soviet history. To my knowledge, there are only two major works in English attempting to tally the toll in some systematic manner. Robert Conquest gives a carefully accumulated total for the Stalin years (at least 20,000,000 killed); and in his samizdat translated into English, Dyadkin, a Soviet geophysicist, did a demographic analysis of excess Soviet deaths, 1926 to 1954, and concluded that Soviet repression killed 23,100,000 to 32,000,000 Soviet citizens over this 29-year period.

For lack of a thorough statistical accumulation and analysis of Soviet genocides and mass murder from 1917 to recent years, I had to undertake at least a first effort in this direction. Initially, the result was to be a chapter in a monograph on 20th century genocide and mass killing. But it soon became clear that the Soviets themselves are responsible for so many genocides, and that so many different kinds of mass killings had occurred, that to unravel and present the detailed events and institutions involved and the related statistics would require a monograph itself. Thus this book.

The Soviet representative, among others, successfully fought to limit the interpretation of genocide to national, religious, ethnic, and language groups. The massacre of political groups and opponents are purposely excluded. But a prior resolution of the General Assembly passed in late 1946 explicitly covers them. According to this resolution,

All this covers what the Soviets did in killing their own or subject people. According to the international community, these were crimes against humanity. They were illegal. If ever the responsible actual or former Soviet officials were tried before an international tribunal for these crimes, they could be punished as murderers.

While trying to be as historically objective as possible, we also should not fear calling a murderer, a murderer; and murder, murder.

written by R.J. Rummel
[source: University of Hawaii]

With this understood, the Soviet Union appears the greatest mega murderer of all, apparently killing near 61,000,000 people. Stalin himself is responsible for almost 43,000,000 of these. Most of the deaths, perhaps around 39,000,000 are due to lethal forced labor in gulag and transit thereto. Communist China up to 1987, but mainly from 1949 through the cultural revolution, which alone may have seen over 1,000,000 murdered [more like 80 million murdered in total under Mao Marxist Communist rule. 45 million in 4 years during the Great Leap Forward. (emphasis mine)], is the second worst mega murderer [new data makes Mao the worst mega murderer historically. (emphasis mine)] Then there are the lesser mega murderers, such as North Korea and Tito's Yugoslavia.

[The Lenin / Trotsky period, 1917-24: Some people think Lenin and Trotsky were "not as bad" as Stalin, that the 1917 revolution was not criminal from the start, but only became criminal later. This is one of the greatest lies in history. Lenin and Trotsky killed 4 million people - men, women and children - by mass executions, death camps, and state-caused famine. Read The Black Book of Communism for a good introduction to their genocide, which started as soon as they got into power in 1917. (emphasis mine)]

Obviously the population that is available to kill will make a big difference in the total democide, and thus the annual percentage rate of democide is revealing. By far, the most deadly of all communist countries and, indeed, in this century by far, has been Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. Pol Pot and his crew likely killed some 2,000,000 Cambodians from April 1975 through December 1978 out of a population of around 7,000,000. This is an annual rate of over 8 percent of the population murdered, or odds of an average Cambodian surviving Pol Pot's rule of slightly over just over 2 to 1.

In sum the Marxist Communist probably have murdered something like 110,000,000, or near two-thirds of all those killed by all governments, quasi-governments, and guerrillas from 1900 to 1987. Of course, the world total itself it shocking. It is several times the 38,000,000 battle-dead that have been killed in all this century's international and domestic wars. Yet the probable number of murders by the Soviet Union alone--one communist country-- well surpasses this cost of war. And those murders of communist China almost equal it.

How can we understand all this killing by Marxist Communists? It is the marriage of an absolutist ideology with the absolute power. Marxist Communists believed that they knew the truth, absolutely. They believed that they knew through Marxism what would bring about the greatest human welfare and happiness. And they believed that power, the dictatorship of the proletariat, must be used to tear down the old feudal or capitalist order and rebuild society and culture to realize this utopia. Nothing must stand in the way of its achievement. Government--the Communist Party--was thus above any law. All institutions, cultural norms, traditions, and sentiments were expendable. And the people were as though lumber and bricks, to be used in building the new world.

Constructing this utopia was seen as though a war on poverty, exploitation, imperialism, and inequality. And for the greater good, as in a real war, people are killed. And thus this war for the communist utopia had its necessary enemy casualties, the clergy, bourgeoisie, capitalists, wreckers, counterrevolutionaries, rightists, tyrants, rich, landlords, and noncombatants that unfortunately got caught in the battle. In a war millions may die, but the cause may be well justified, as in the defeat of Hitler and an utterly racist Nazism. And to many communists, the cause of a communist utopia was such as to justify all the deaths.

The irony of this is that communism in practice, even after decades of total control, did not improve the lot of the average person, but usually made their living conditions worse than before the revolution. It is not by chance that the greatest famines have occurred within the Soviet Union (about 5,000,000 dead during 1921-23 and 7,000,000 from 1932-3) and communist China (about 27,000,000 dead from 1959-61) [This figure has been updated with new information released new death total caused by Mao's famine 45 MILLION in just 4 years during the Great Leap Forward from 1958-1962. (emphasis mine)] In total almost 55,000,000 people died in various communist famines and associated diseases, a little over 10,000,000 of them from democidal famine. This is as though the total population of Turkey, Iran, or Thailand had been completely wiped out. And that something like 35,000,000 people fled communist countries as refugees, as though the countries of Argentina or Columbia had been totally emptied of all their people, was an unparalleled vote against the utopian pretensions of Marxism-Leninism.

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