May 3, 2018

Sharing Another An Exchange I Had On Twitter Tonight. I Will Say It Again, Thank God I'm Led By The Spirit Because She Was Such A Mind Distorter, Polite Way Of Saying Mind F***.

Interesting how she said, "We don't believe." as in legion. ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿผ I'm having a one on one exchange with her.
I didn't bother replying to this last tweet above because I would be repeating myself and she's dead set on believing that the bible commands death to everyone who disagrees with Christian preachers. She must be an ex-Muslim because Islam lies about Christianity and Islam FORBIDS followers to read the bible. Islam kills you if you read the bible and kills you if you leave Islam. Islam will even kill followers who ARE ACCUSED of reading the bible. It could totally be a flatout lie and you get killed. That's insane.



I was asked why do I follow Atheist Republic on Twitter? I never heard of Atheist Republic until this year when the women in Iran were being arrested for removing their hijab head scarfs and many were rebelling against the Islamic tyrannical government. I do follow Ex-Muslims on Twitter who were sharing the news about what was happening in Iran in real time. That's how I hooked up with Atheist Republic. I enjoy reading their post and the comments from time to time.

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