May 15, 2018

New Moon In Taurus On Tuesday May 15th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

Come on, sleepyheads, it's time to get up. I have been feeling so tired and alive at the same time. I had to let go of my need to control, need to know, be okay with my feelings, and just literally go with the flow and trust. I naturally want to understand what I'm going through. But this time, I'm being told, "We've got you. Just let go. Open your heart, and feel loved." So I'm passing this message on to you to help you through this phase in your life. (emphasis mine)

I added the pictures above to the message I've shared with you below. The pictures and gifs that I share sum up my interpretation of the current astrological message.
Intro written by Lena Stevens at
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

Dear Friends,

New Moon is 5:47 am on Tuesday, May 15th Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

Focus on the New Moon energy on Monday night. This New Moon is very potent and powerful. It comes with a robustness similar to an eclipse and is a marker for great change, the preview of which could be manifested through some major earth event or events. We have seen this beginning to happen with earthquakes and volcanic activity in various parts of the world, all related to the earth. Watch for your own internal earth event that may feel like an inner earthquake, shifting all of your priorities and values around. This new moon is both difficult and exalted with potential for great inspiration that comes with the freedom you may experience following challenging choices you have made or are in the process of making.

While stepping forward into new territory through your choices and realigning values, it is also important to bring in the quality of beauty and inspiration into the equation. Nurture yourselves in some way and have some fun despite the chaos that you may feel around you. It cannot be focused hard work all of the time. You will reap many more benefits if you take some time to smell the roses along the way and do something for yourself that represents self-care with a bit of luxury like going to a fine restaurant for a meal or treating yourself to a massage. And if you are in the process of purging the old, bring in something new that is an upgrade in the area of beauty and inspiration.


Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

Taurus New Moon
Sun and Moon in Taurus ~ 24ยบ
Tuesday, May 15, 5:47 AM Mountain Daylight Time
(Tuesday, May 15, 11:47 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

New Moon is a big day for Taurus! Yes, the Moon and Sun conjunct here, and at the moment of New Moon reset, Uranus is still in Aries at 29ยบ59’ (hanging on by a fingernail so we get some last minute wisdom from Aries). More significantly, some three hours later, Uranus changes signs moving into Taurus for seven years. Uranus, that bringer of disruption, change, revolution, and innovation, was last in Taurus in 1935 ~ the birth of Social Security and a time of big adjustments on the material plane for many.

Taurus’ focus as an Earth sign is on the physical plane: materiality, money/finances (borrowing and lending/your earning and spending capacities), what you truly value, your own worth, the body’s senses, and the Earth itself (nature, farming and ecological concerns). Taurus rules the neck, throat and lower jaw and all associated to those areas like singing, beards, sore throat, tongue, voice, nape of the neck, cervical vertebrae, and thyroid gland. Taurus’ rulership by Venus makes this a very personal and feminine sign and appreciative of beauty and pleasure and brings art/artists and music/musicians under Taurus’ rulership, as well as fashion, fabrics and the decorative arts – how we make our environments and ourselves more sensual and alluring. Thank you, Venus!

With new emphasis being placed on Taurus by outer planet, Uranus, let’s acknowledge Taurus as the power sign of the Earth element. There is great fixity here as in all the power signs-one for each element (Taurus for Earth, Scorpio for water, Leo for fire and Aquarius for air). All fixed signs bring solid, enduring, tenacious qualities to bear in their lives and can persevere and persist (push) bringing their ideas into manifestation. So, imagine The Bull as the symbol of Taurus with its strong neck and ability to dig in its heels, its love of security, stability and routine, its love of the pleasures of life, and its need to be productive while building wealth and value combined with the nature of Uranus as The Liberator, bringing down the old forms, inventing new ways of social interaction, embracing chaos and disruption deemed necessary and you have yourself a volcano! Vinegar and baking soda! An irresistible force meets an immovable object! Earth changes and eruptions are possible, monetary/economic shifts, opening up of body expression, healing of our issues of unworthiness and materiality, and embracing our feminine, earthy power.

Uranus can further expand our Taurean power of manifestation by wedding intention and visualization. As we perfect our abilities to create on the invisible levels first, opening the fields of abundance, we can then welcome effortless manifestation on the physical levels. Spirit will be pleased at our mastery of this skillful use of the mind.

With Venus as ruler of Taurus, she will have an influence on this long transit of Uranus (7 years) ever changing as she moves from one sign to another every few weeks. We will explore and develop all the facets of our self worth creating and attracting with our magnetic, Venusian energy. At this New Moon, Venus is in Gemini and within a degree of Pallas Athena, Warrior Queen, an additional influence for creative, strategic wisdom and the ability to create our own reality with our goddess-given creative intelligence.

[As an aside, I nominate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for the Pallas Athena Award after seeing a film, “RBG”, about her life trajectory – an example of 50 years of strategic thinking for equal rights.]

Mercury, our guide of the mental realms and shifter of our perceptions, aligns closely with Uranus at New Moon. Uranus is considered the ‘higher octave’ of Mercury. (Much like Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and Pluto the higher octave of Mars bringing in high frequency, collective/transpersonal energy to these personal planets.) Our mental abilities are ripe for an upgrade especially as Uranus switches signs into Taurus. Perhaps it’s more like a downshift as we can more easily quiet our mind and ground our thought processes and access our breath in the center of our bodies.

Mars is at 29ยบ43’ Capricorn; 29ยบ of any sign is especially powerful and endowed with the consolidated energy of all that has come before. With Uranus at 29ยบ59’ Aries, we have an exact square (a stressful aspect precipitating crisis and the opportunity for shift). Confrontation of the personal and the societal is possible ~ your cultural programming vs. your personal freedom. Maybe you add a new family member and your responsibilities significantly shift, or you decide not to take the job you ‘should’, but opt for the freedom of pursuing the work you feel intuitively ‘called’ to do, or perhaps you feel impelled to participate in a tangible way in the ‘politics’ of your profession, neighborhood or country. Be mindful of working consciously with confrontation and resistance where it presents itself ~ whether you create it within or outside your self. Uranus also has the capacity for genius and original, eccentric ways of looking at situations. Make an opening and invite this part of yourself to have a voice.

The finger pointing to the way out of this face off with Uranus square Mars is Mars’ trine to the Sun and Moon in Taurus ~ a wonderful, generous aspect just looking for a place to lend tangible results. The Earth sign brotherhood of Taurus and Capricorn defuse conflict by putting their hands in the soil and their feet on the Earth. Use these two Earth signs to get practical, make a plan, and start taking whatever size steps you can down the path of a more abundant container for yourself. You have to start the process. Move things around, push your boundaries, or maybe add some style and effort to your ‘look’.

Take yourself on a meditative visualization of your most beautiful, perfect garden as a symbol for your seed sowing for this next New Moon cycle. Pull weeds, turn the earth, sow your ideas and desires, fertilize them with your love and watch them bloom into full abundant fruition.

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