April 11, 2018

USA: University of Washington: Professor Put On Probation For Mentioning Her Christian Faith In Front Of Muslim Student. wth?! 😦

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intro written and news shared by Robert Spencer
Wednesday April 11, 2018

This is how Islamic supremacist and Leftist students are shutting down free discourse all over the country: by claiming that it makes them feel “unsafe.” At Stanford University, fascist students and faculty whipped up hysteria on campus in advance of my visit by claiming that my telling the truth about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat would make Muslim students on campus feel “unsafe.” There was not a shred of evidence to support this claim, and of course no one was harmed in the aftermath of my appearance there, which was disrupted in any case by a planned and scripted walkout in which administrators made sure as few people as possible would hear me by preventing others who wanted to attend from entering after the walkout. This is life on university campuses today: American universities are no longer centers of higher learning, but are radioactive wastelands of hard-Left indoctrination. This holds true not just for huge universities such as Stanford, but also even for the smallest and ostensibly faith-based schools, such as Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire. Everywhere the hard-Left indoctrination is dominant, and there is little to no actual education going on.

“UW administrator: ‘Do you read your Bible on campus?!,’” Todd Herman Show, April 10, 2018 (thanks to Undaunted):

Susana Asberry has been a full-time instructor at the University of Washington since 2006. She teaches English as a second language. On Monday, she shared exclusively with us how she has been put on probation for daring to mention God in direct response to a question from a student.

Asberry also helped students in an argumentative essay writing class debate against gay marriage — a topic the students chose to address. As of Tuesday, she is being sent to what amounts to a re-education session. She is accused of being discriminatory and even racist. Asberry is white and married to a black man. Their children are bi-racial. She says she is being censored and feels threatened.

How did this all start? During a writing unit that involved American slang, the students learned about the phrase “bucket list” and submitted their own examples. A student asked Susana about her bucket list and Susana replied: “When I retire, I want to share the word of God with people.”

One student complained. As an observant Muslim, who covers her body as part of her faith, she said she was made to feel unsafe. According to Susana, that is when her career changed.

As she explained on the program, Susana says she was drawn into an investigative process where her Director, James C. Evans asked her in an angry, accusatory tone: “Do you read your Bible at on campus?”

That was just the beginning of her odyssey. I want you to hear Susana, who grew up in the former Czech Republic, describe how she was treated by the University of Washington. It reminds her of how her loved ones were abused by Russian authorities when the Soviet Union invaded her birth Country.

Susana spoke out because she is concerned for future generations of teachers and students.

You can listen to our interview here.

We have reached out to the University of Washington for a response. Through a spokesperson, the University said they will consider making a statement.

I am sharing, below, her letter to us.

In 2015, a female Muslim student filed a formal complaint against me stating that I had made comments about God during and after my class that were offensive to her and that I had not promoted a positive learning environment. Once during this class, I was teaching the term “bucket list” because it was in our textbook chapter, and students had to make a list of what would be on their bucket list and that is when a student wanted to know what would be on mine. I replied that I would like to tell people about God. Another time with this female Muslim student was outside my classroom when she was crying. She was very upset and disclosed to me that her husband was cheating on her. Trying to comfort her, I simply told her that during difficult times, I pray. Her complaint was made soon after she received a failing grade in this class at the end of that quarter. As a result of her complaint, I was summoned to a formal meeting with my Director, James C. Evans and Human Resources, and a warning letter was issued saying that I had violated the UW’s executive Order 31, a Nondiscrimination and Non-retaliation policy. Disregarding the fact that other Muslim students were in this class and that I had received high student evaluations at the end of that quarter. During this particular meeting, my Director asked me a question pertaining to my religion, “Do your read your Bible on campus?” In the final warning letter, the administration forbade me any mentioning of “God” or referencing to my religious belief such as praying. They concluded that my comments had harassed and discriminated against this female Muslim student. I disputed the incident with my union and only a copy of a letter of this incidence was placed into my employee personal file….

Due to discrimination and harassment because of my religion, my work place has become a hostile environment, and I am now afraid to teach. I did not, never have and do not discriminate against nor harass any of my students.


Susana Asberry

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