March 1, 2018

Virgo Full Moon On Thursday March 1st by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

Look at your life from a different perspective, a different point of view in order to gain clarity.
I added the picture gifs above to the message I've shared with you below. I highlighted the part of the message that inspired the picture gifs I chose. The pictures and gifs that I share sum up my interpretation of the current astrological message.
Full Moon Update 03-01-18
Intro written by Lena Stevens at
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

Dear Friends,

Full Moon is Thursday, March 1 at 5:51 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

We start the month off with a full moon that invites us to dream, refine, balance, and take practical action in the direction of those dreams. This full moon sets the tone for the month promising creativity, inspiration, movement, new ideas and emotional healing as long as there is a willingness to be flexible, adaptable and teachable. We’ve gotten a bit used to feeling grumpy and expecting others to be grumpy too. This pattern can change with a focus to improve attitudes and expectations. How do you want your month to be? What seems to be in the way of you simply enjoying life? You will find that it is usually your own attitudes that get you into trouble.

So spend some time this full moon in gratitude for life as well as telling the truth about what needs refinement right about now. Maybe there is a small improvement you can make in your environment? In the area of relationships, don’t be afraid to take an emotional risk, making a choice from the heart. The field of enjoyment and satisfaction should be the one you work with during this full moon as it will set the pattern for your experience of this next month. Do something creative and out of the ordinary to open the possibilities for something new to come into your life. Leave some space for spontaneity and do something fun!


Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

Virgo Full Moon
Sun in Pisces ~ Moon in Virgo 11ยบ
Thursday, March 1, 5:51 PM Mountain Standard Time
(Wed. March 2, 12:51 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

Let yourself be called into the watery realms of this Pisces/Virgo window. Pisces is calling you to the dream state. Juno, Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron are all gathered in Pisces with the Virgo Full Moon opposing the Sun to balance that poetic, dreamy state of Pisces with some practical, earthbound wisdom. The Pisces-Virgo Axis is one of service, balancing giving and receiving, being and doing. Virgo helps us adapt to new circumstances whether they are new expansions or new limitations. Virgo is the Queen of analyzing the current environment or resources, and bringing to bear her keen discrimination of what needs to be eliminated and streamlined to refine and bring order and efficiency into her office, home, schedule, wardrobe, life.

Virgo brings to our awareness the sacred balance of body/mind/spirit. She, in her feminine earthiness, can inspire you to shift your health habits and your thinking about healing in a quantum way refining and focusing your self-healing and self-renewal abilities. At Virgo Moon you can show deep respect for your miraculous body with movement, dance, yoga, stretching, working out as a prayer to its magnificent service to you.

Call on your Virgo Queen to bring all your disparate parts into working order, to reorganize your health and diet habits as well as your work, day-to-day routines, the clutter that keeps you from being efficient and orderly and on your game. So what if Virgo is a bit overly fastidious, detailed and just can’t help setting the bar high, use it at this Moon to regroup and get organized. You will feel so good about your accomplishments in the material plane.

With so much planetary emphasis on Pisces, Virgo is going to have a time of it, pushing us out of our dreamlike frame of mind where we are occupied with letting our desire nature move us into union with the ethereal realms. What we want is dissolving all boundaries like the ocean, merging with the soup of consciousness and letting our batteries run on intuition and imagination. We’re busy creating our own internal movies and creating the new outcomes we want to experience in the material world. Creating on the material plane with the water element requires first envisioning and then infusing our vision with strong feeling and emotion. Pisces is so sensitive, empathetic, and imaginative that she is supremely capable of creating outcomes on the material plane via the astral and does not relish being disturbed during her reverie, while deeply immersed within her artistic expression or when calling up her powerful healing abilities. Pisces helps us surrender our attachment to the physical plane so we can better access our soul’s intention and guidance from the invisible world.

Virgo at one end of the axis is about the details of life, that mental capacity to preconceive outcomes and consequences. Virgo is about the harvest, reaping what you have sown, and that one who counts the stores and parses out the resources so there will be enough to get through the winter/lean times thus preserving the community. Neutral Mercury now in Pisces rules the Virgo Full Moon with Mercury and Venus conjunct.

Jupiter, in water sign Scorpio, is trining Mercury/Venus. We are lent support to go deep and willingness to release what has been unconscious and holding us in separation from our artistic musings, from deeper acceptance of the unique and powerful soul we are. If your mind and head talk are holding you at arms length from self acceptance of all that you are, take up Jupiter’s offer to free you from the psychological skeletons that you are dragging into the arena of new opportunities. With so much Piscean support, Mercury can help you surrender mentally and use your feminine, water nature to guide you into union with that which is greater than self. One teaching indigenous people embody and share in their rituals and daily lives is the ability to turn over guilt, burdens and sufferings to higher power ~ a profound and simple act that western cultures seem to lack and therefore, unnecessarily carry physical, mental and emotional loads in their daily lives. Use this Full Moon to surrender your heart, your mind, your burdens to Great Spirit, Mother Earth, Father Sky. Your task is not guilt or suffering, but gratitude.

Neptune is well placed in Pisces in its own sign from 2011-2025, FYI. We haven’t experienced ruler Neptune in its own sign of Pisces for 165 years. Oil is a big theme under Neptune rulership, but so are the oceans that I sincerely hope we can clean up in our remaining eight years. Oil wells were first drilled in the USA when Neptune was last in Pisces and now we are developing alternatives to the oil industry. The huge Deep Water Horizon B P oil spill in the Caribbean took place within months of Neptune entering Pisces. The film industry is also ruled by Neptune with its glamour, illusion and escapism it mirrors Neptune’s underbelly perfectly. Beware the negative pole of Pisces that is addiction, self-deception, denial and self-undoing. Also, ‘Spiritualism’ became popular in the 1860’s in the previous cycle where speaking to the dead through a medium thinned the veils separating this reality from the invisible world (even President Lincoln participated in sรฉances at the White House after the death of his beloved child), and in the current cycle, a significant part of the population is experiencing spiritual awakening and understanding of themselves as spiritual consciousness. Pisces is considered the most spiritual of the signs endowed with compassionate love, forgiveness and the capacity to merge with the divine.

There is just one day of the year when the Sun conjuncts slow-moving Neptune (March 4) and it’s exact just four days after this Full Moon. The Sun will amplify contact with our inner and mystical guidance, as well as amplification of the dream state, and watery and creative conditions we have been experiencing since the mid February solar eclipse when Venus, Mercury, and the Sun started moving into Pisces with Neptune and Chiron. A magical boundary-less time diminishing on March 6 as Mercury and Venus move into Aries together, and we begin preparing for the energized movement of Equinox and the fiery, masculine qualities of Aries on March 20.

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