February 16, 2018

New Moon Solar Eclipse In Aquarius On February 15th. Awakens Freedom! by Tania Gabrielle

written by Tania Gabrielle
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[source: CrystalWind.ca]

In February we only have ONE lunation – the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on February 15.

Aquarius is first and foremost about FREEDOM… Exploration, Independence, Adventure, Going Your Own Way, Uniqueness … .these are all encouraged now and through the next six months.

So this marks a time of breaking out of Old Patterns, BEING DIFFERENT!

Furthermore, with ALL planets still in direct motion during this new eclipse, the forward momentum of your manifestation goals is extremely favorable.

Plenty of positive transits are activated during the eclipse too:
  • Sun/Moon conjunct Mercury – Activates intelligence, thinking things through thoroughly, embracing a new mindset.
  • Uranus sextile Sun/Moon/Mercury conjunction – Exciting news, stimulating conversations, lots of freedom and choices, being thrilled about trying something brand new.
  • Mars square Neptune will slightly lessen your energy. Mars wants to go within into Neptune territory and wake up your spiritual nature.
  • Sun and Moon Square to Jupiter – You are thrilled about your Independence and grateful for new adventures, so you can expand and explore in a way you never have
  • Venus sextile Saturn – wanting companionship, to be loved for who you are, to take it deeper with more commitment from your partner. Taking your finances seriously.
These themes will impact you for the next six months – until the next eclipse cycle in July and August.
I added the images above to Tania Gabrielle's message I've shared with you in this post. The pictures and gifs that I share sum up my interpretation of the current astrological message. I highlighted the part of the message that inspired the picture I chose.

I would like to give you some food for thought. If we as human beings treasure the new birth growing within nature as is depicted in this painting, why don't we as human beings treasure the new birth growing within human beings?

Why do I see human beings hate their own human species so much? I understand there are horrible people and groups on this planet that are causing humanity and nature so much pain. But that is no reason to want to drive the human race to extinction. That's not a rational solution. It's like saying, you're going to commit suicide to hurt another person. You're not hurting the other person, you're killing yourself. You're snuffing out your own light and the other person you want to hurt isn't affected at all.

I want you to notice how the artist used a human infant to represent the new birth growing inside of this tree emanating life. The artist didn't draw a little tree or seedling or seed growing inside of the tree. I love this painting. It's beautiful.

I am unashamedly a tree hugger. I have always felt connected to nature. I was naturally drawn to hugging trees at a very young age. When I was younger, I used to think I was sharing my light, my energy, with the tree and helping to heal it, give it strength. I found out later in life that the tree absorbs our negative energy and uses it as fertilizer. This exchange with the tree causes a transmutation of our personal energy field, leaving us feeling happy. The elemental exchange in the process positively affects both the human and the tree. So, in the process of my own self discovery, what came to light for me was that the tree and I are healing and strengthening each other with the hug. It wasn't a one way exchange as I thought when I was a child.
It’s a fantastic “new birth” moment at the onset of our 11 Universal Year of Double New Beginnings.

And, how thrilling that all planets are moving direct…

Plus, love that this Solar Eclipse is happening on the 15th at 27°… so much LOVE!

Many Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle
I added the gif above to Tania Gabrielle's message I've shared with you in this post.
written by Tania Gabrielle
Friday February 16, 2018

The Aquarius Eclipse on February 15 was another milestone…

We are experiencing a new energy.

And you may not understand it. Things may happen, and you don’t know why.

This new energy is an invitation to go where you’ve never gone before: a total acceptance and activation of your Inner Shaman.

Inside of you is knowledge of where to turn, what to do, and where to go.

This “inner knowing” is immense.

It is infinite… eternal… and always there.

You are now learning how to access your divine downloads for any and all occasions – and be your own shaman.

If you believe in it, you will discover it.

If you trust it, you will experience it.

Becoming conscious of energy is the first step towards manifesting it.

Just as importantly:

If there is energy around you that does NOT align with who you are at soul level, then learn to say – “This is not resonating with my magnificence.”

And like magic, the energy will turn away.

Jupiter and our 11 Universal Year are encouraging you to expand your belief in yourself, to trust your hunches and seek out the Wisdom Within, and to embody being in charge.

No one can take that from you.

Begin now by taking charge of ALL of your moments.

Begin now by owning everything about who you are.

Pay attention only to what matters – not what strokes the ego
  • IMAGINE your highest potential.
  • VISUALIZE your magnificence in action.
  • Be THRILLED about everything you do and say – totally OWN it.
Listen to when you need rest, so you can assimilate and internalize.

Jupiter is supporting you all year long, holding the space for you to feel good, positive, powerful and fortunate.

Jupiter exudes positivity.

Never underestimate where you are putting your attention.

What you focus on is exactly who and what you are becoming.

Every time you make a choice, the whole universe can change!
  • 2018 is an 11 Universal Year.
  • Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac.
  • 11 is the Master Number of Psychic Awakening.
11 embodies the present moment – the only moment when Intuition speaks through you.

Your Awakening is the listening – and the listening is the knowing…

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. In this fabulous time of exponential growth make sure the spelling of your current name is fortunate, so that you can easily attract an abundance of opportunities and support!

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