January 20, 2018

USA: The State Of Maryland Offers Seconds To Turkey Hunters With 3-Day Hunt Beginning Thursday, January 18th. Boy, I Had No Idea.😦

The Washington Times
written by Staff
Monday January 15, 2018

ANNAPOPLIS, Md. - Maryland hunters who did not get their fill on turkey in the fall season will get another opportunity to bag a bird.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources says a three-day winter turkey hunting season will begin Thursday and conclude on Saturday.

The state began offering a winter turkey season in 2015. Wildlife officials say wild turkey populations are at all-time highs in many areas.

Hunting hours run from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.

The department is reminding hunters that it is illegal to hunt turkeys with the aid of bait.

[source: Maryland Dept of Natural Resources]

A hunting license is required to hunt wild turkeys in Maryland (with exceptions). See Hunting Licenses and Who May Hunt Without a License.

The use of a Maryland Big Game Harvest Record​ is required of all Maryland deer and turkey hunters. It is issued with the hunting license. Those who may hunt deer and turkeys without a license must obtain a Big Game Harvest Record, at no charge, from DNR Licensing and Registration Offices, a Maryland Sport License agent, or online at http://gamecheck.dnr.state.md.us/.

There are different wild turkey hunting seasons in Maryland. Click here to view Turkey Hunting Seasons & Bag Limits for hunting dates, bag limits, hours, and areas.

Turkeys taken in Maryland must be checked in with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Click here for Deer & Turkey Tagging and Checking Requirements​.

Spring Turkey Hunting Season regulations include:
  • Only bearded turkeys are legal in the Spring Season.
  • Hunters may only use shotguns (loaded with #4 shot or smaller), crossbows, or vertical bows in the Spring Season.
  • Dogs and organized drives may not be used.
Fall Turkey Hunting Season regulations include:
  • Turkey hunting is permitted in Garrett, Allegany, and Washington Counties only, during the Fall Season.
  • Fall turkey hunters may use rifles, handguns, shotguns (loaded with #4 shot or smaller or a solid, single projectile), crossbows, or vertical bows.
  • Either sex may be taken in the Fall Season.
Winter Turkey Hunting Seasons regulations include:
  • Hunters may only use shotguns (loaded with #4 shot or smaller), crossbows, or vertical bows, in the Winter Season.
  • Either sex may be taken in the Winter Season.
It is illegal to hunt turkeys with the aid of bait or over any baited area. Feed or bait placed for deer or other wildlife may be considered baiting if turkeys are being hunted. An area is considered by law to be baited for 10 days after the removal of the bait.

It is illegal to use recorded or electronically amplified calls, or use motorized or electronic turkey decoys.

Fluorescent orange is not required for hunting turkeys. However, turkey hunters are encouraged to wear it as a precaution while turkey hunting. Successful turkey hunters are also encouraged to put an orange ribbon on the turkey when carrying it out of the woods. Click here for Turkey Hunting Safety Tips, a guide to courteous and safe turkey hunting.​

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