January 17, 2018

New Moon In Capricorn On January 16th and 17th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

I added the picture gifs above to the message I've shared with you below. I highlighted the part of the message that inspired the picture gifs I chose. The pictures and gifs that I share sum up my interpretation of the current astrological message. These images are from the movie Princess Mononoke. It's another beautiful movie by Hayao Miyazaki. I highly recommend it. This is also the screen name I chose to use as my alter ego when I created this GlobalAwareness101 website 10 years ago.

Q: What does "Mononoke Hime" mean?

Hime means "Princess" in Japanese. Ghibli has given Mononoke Hime the English title, "Princess Mononoke". Mononoke Hime (or Princess Mononoke) is what San, the heroine, is called by other people, since she was raised by a mononoke and looks and acts like a mononoke.

So, what is a mononoke? Good question. ^_^; It's a monster/ghost/spirit.

Mononoke means "The spirit of a thing". Basically, the Japanese blame mononoke for every unexplainable thing, from a major natural disaster to a minor headache. A mononoke could be the spirit of an inanimate object, such as a wheel, the spirit of a dead person, the spirit of a live person, the spirit of an animal, goblins, monsters, or a spirit of nature. Totoro is also a mononoke

Forest Spirit, also called Shishigami and Night-Walker, is a supporting character in Princess Mononoke. He is known as a god of life and death.

Q: What is Kodama, the white little creature?

Kodama means "echo" (its literal meaning is a "tree spirit"). However, since its name is written in Katakana, not in Kanji, it could also mean "small ball" or "small spirit". They (there are many, in various sizes and shapes) are a kind of spirit who live in the forest. Although Kodama (a tree spirit) appears in many Japanese folktales, Kodama as a little white creature is Miyazaki's creation.

Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com
[source: www.CrystalWind.ca]

Dear Friends,

New Moon is Tuesday, January 16 at 7:17 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST)

This is an excellent day to review your calendar and plans for the rest of the year and make sure you have scheduled in enough quality time for your own needs, pleasure, adventure, relaxation and expression. Make changes and refinements as you see fit keeping in mind the idea of serving yourself first. We are in a time where the structures and concrete habits that have run our lives are being questioned (or should be) and we are being prompted to look ahead to the kind of life we wish to create. If change is necessary, plant those seeds now with this powerful New Moon and then work with focus and discipline as your plans unfold and the seeds begin to grow.

A new moon is always a good time to evaluate and define your intentions. As we have come half way into the month, some of your original intentions and goals for the year may need re-evaluating. Adjust them as necessary and recommit to the discipline of the action you need to put behind these intentions.


Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Capricorn New Moon
Sun and Moon in Capricorn 27ยบ
Tuesday. January 16, 7:17 PM Mountain Standard Time
(Wed. January 17, 2:17 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

2018 begins with a dynamic month filled with two Full SuperMoons on the 1st and 31st, Uranus going direct, Mercury coming out of its shadow period after retrograde, Jupiter and Mars together, and a lunar eclipse January 31st. This first New Moon of the year in Capricorn is fertile ground for honoring, tracking and refining your intentions to move along a new path. New Moons are times to plant a seed and cultivate its growth. With Sun, Moon, Venus, Pluto, Mercury, and Saturn all in earthy, active Capricorn and no planets retrograde in this chart, you are on a launch pad and in the hands of a master creator in the middle world/material plane ~ so much trustworthy, reliable support.

You are also planting your intention seeds for the two and a half year journey of Saturn through Capricorn. Saturn in its own sign is like Saturn squared. Imagine you haven’t seen this revered master in nearly 30 years at this place in your chart. He has returned.

When you are finished with your initiation and training by Saturn in the next several years, what do you want to have accomplished?

Those that know the answer to this question way down in their bones will come out the other side in December 2020 with a grin on their faces, the new found strength of focused application of the will and the heart, and the rewards of methodical building in the material world. One of our major purposes now is learning to bring our spiritual legacy down into our physical, daily, middle world lives. We’ve been to the underworld and know our shadow areas; we’ve been to the upper worlds and touched into Spirit, now our task is to bring that powerful knowledge into fruition in the physical world.

Capricorn rules the bones, the foundation of the body, where our stability comes from and where we store our most ancient patterns. Capricorn’s mission as guardian of the community is to preserve stability, to build on what has gone before, to protect and increase. Capricorn strives for perfection on this plane conquering the mountain one step at a time like the sure-footed goat it is.

Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler works to strengthen our resolve and skill with his tests and challenges. He’s the kung fu master of the zodiac, and this is his New Moon cycle of the year. Saturn likes to test your limits to make sure you learn the value of discipline, perseverance and responsibility yet remaining adaptable so as not to calcify, and become dogmatic, grim and forbidding. Saturn’s presence enables you to hold more access to the higher frequency, collective, transpersonal planets – Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and beyond.

Venus is within 1ยบ of the Sun/Moon. She is invisible now as the light of the Sun is so magnificently powerful. She is ‘in the underworld’ traversing between her time as morning star moving to become the evening star. Her journey began in early December, and we will not see her again until mid February. Nonetheless, her yearly presence in Capricorn is in the form of the Wise Woman, The Abuela, The Elder. She takes the long view. She guides us to ask, ‘what are the consequences of our actions, what do we aspire to as a community, how do we insure what we value persists and grows?’ We are feeling spring loaded and ready to bring forward our most skillful and experienced self. We have access to focus and discipline in our new year’s regimes of health, prosperity and gaining authority over our unproductive distractions.

Venus will change signs the day after New Moon moving into Aquarius just two days before the Sun also moves into Aquarius bringing some much needed air element into our planetary influences. We have no planets in air signs in the New Moon chart; we can lack perspective, flexibility and we can feel stuck in a rut without resilience without the balance of air.

Pallas Athena, Uranus and Eris, that powerful trio is challenging the Sun/Moon/Venus precipitating crisis in our relationships, in the way we conduct our business, in the rules we break, in our ideas of what is ethical behavior, in standing up to address disempowerment and hypocrisy. Athena and Eris, feminine warrior goddesses, are guiding Uranus to shatter what has gone before. This has been an ongoing influence for months that really centers on Eris that doesn’t move much and Uranus, the first outer planet to connect with her since her disruptive discovery in 2005. Pallas adds additional support for the disempowered, the artistic ones, the energetic healers, political strategists, and activists. She issues the proclamation, ‘this will STOP NOW!’ and Uranus and Eris are there to back her up with radical shift and the chaos that change creates. This radical energy is precisely squaring the New Moon and we shall see what it next precipitates culturally beyond the Hollywood Golden Globes display of solidarity….

I know this is long, but I have to mention Ceres, Earth Mother Goddess of the Grain, is exactly conjunct the North Node in Leo 14ยบ. This will also be active in the lunar eclipse of Jan 31st as well. North Node is our point of growth. Ceres rules parent bonding or lack of, the development of our self worth (those two might be related) as a basis of all further relationships; she’s the midwife of birth and dying and renewal; she is the fertility goddess of the Earth cycles of nature and the food that it provides; she holds the grief or rage of loss and disempowerment. With Ceres in Leo, we are learning to parent ourselves and express our hearts as an offering to others – big lessons for the upcoming eclipse period beginning now at New Moon.

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