December 16, 2017

USA: Doctors Group Changes “Baby” To “Fetus” in Its “How Your Baby Grows During Pregnancy” Brochure. 😦 This Is So Twisted. 😠

Life News
written by Micaiah Bilger
November 24, 2017

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has been siding with the abortion industry for years.

And a new change to one of its popular patient pregnancy handouts has some doctors concerned about the extent of the organization’s abortion politicking.

ACOG recently changed the word “baby” to “fetus” in its “How Your Baby Grows During Pregnancy” handout for patients, the Quebec Daily Examiner reports. Fetus is a medical term taken from Latin (“offspring”), but the abortion industry uses it as a way to de-humanize the unborn child.

Dr. Greg Marchand, a board certified OBGYN, said the organization made the change subtly in September, but it gained attention after ACOG sent a Nov. 22 email listing new resources available. The title now is “How Your Fetus Grows During Pregnancy.”

“It makes a really big difference,” Marchand said. “There’s some really big political implications here.”

Marchand linked the change to the organization’s pro-abortion political stance. He said the pamphlet often is given to newly expecting mothers during their first obstetrician visit.

“We are talking about the difference between telling a newly pregnant mom that she is pregnant with a baby or pregnant with a fetus,” he said. “This is early in pregnancy, when pregnancy termination is still something many new moms are considering.”

The June 2015 version of the pamphlet still appears in the public section of the website. The new pamphlet is available to members only.

Other than the change from “baby” to “fetus,” there are no other major changes to the pamphlet, according to the report.

The ACOG has been pushing an abortion agenda for years. During its 2015 annual conference, the organization made no secret of its support for the killing of unborn babies. It hosted abortion workshops and promoted Planned Parenthood and its eugenic founder Margaret Sanger during the conference.

It also has attacked conscience rights for those who oppose abortion and misled people about the beginning of life and late-term abortions.

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