December 28, 2017

USA: Another FAKE Hate Crime. Black Man Caught On Surveillance Camera Has Drawn Swastikas And Male Genitals On More Than A Dozen Apartment Doors In Manhattan. UGH 🙄

Gramercy Murray-Hill Patch
written by Ciara McCarthy, Patch Staff
Thursday December 28, 2017

KIPS BAY, NY — A vandal has drawn swastikas and male genitals on more than a dozen apartment doors in Manhattan in the last 30 days, police said on Wednesday.

Officers are searching for a man who is suspected of vandalizing apartment buildings throughout Manhattan with swastikas and male genitals. Police have not yet identified the suspect, but released a photo on Wednesday of the man they believe has spray-painted the hateful images. The police department's hate crimes task force is investigation the incidents.

Police say the vandalism began on Nov. 26, when the man entered a Kips Bay high-rise near Madison Avenue and East 29th Street. At about 7:30 p.m. that night, the man went to the 48th floor of the building and drew two swastikas on apartment doors, male genitals on a third and "Max G was here" on the fourth door, according to police.

Just a few days later, the man went inside a Financial District apartment building near Pine Street on Dec. 2 at about 3 p.m. Once inside, police say the man drew an upside-down cross on the building's elevator doors, before drawing multiple swastikas and male genitals on other apartment doors, in addition to the tag "Max G was here."

On Dec. 18, the man entered an apartment building near North Moore and Greenwich streets and drew a swastika, male genitals and "Max G was here" on two different floors in the building, according to police. The next day, authorities say the man went inside a Chelsea apartment building, located on W. 29th St., at about 11 p.m. and drew swastikas on three different doors before drawing male genitals on six additional apartment doors.

Police say the most recent vandalism happened on Dec. 23, when the man entered another Chelsea apartment building, this one on W. 23 St., and drew a swastika, male genitals and "Max G was here" on various doors.

Image credit: Courtesy of the NYPD

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