December 9, 2017

PAKISTAN: Environment Pollution: People Call Upon Government To Shift Factories From Residential Areas.

The Express Tribune, Pakistan
written by Staff
Wednesday November 29, 2017

SARGODHA: Scores of residents of the city and adjoining areas demanded that the authorities to shift small and medium industries from residential areas.

They say a lot of small factories and mills are operational in the city which are creating air and noise pollution and lead to traffic gridlock. They said due to environment pollution, children are getting respiratory problems due to pollution.

The people demanded of the government to take action against those responsible for polluting the environment.

When contacted, district administration officials said that efforts were being made to register and shift these industries in the allocated industrial area.

Pakistan suffers from some of the worst air pollution in the world, owing to its giant population plying poorly maintained vehicles on the roads and unchecked industrial emissions.

The environmental situation is aggravating in Sargodha due to ever-increasing number of vehicles, industrial units and air pollution.
Health experts also link liver damage, kidney issue, neurological problems, thyroid system disorders, malaria, earaches, pink eyes, brain and nerve damage to the growing environmental pollution in the city.

Air pollution in Punjab is 20 times the safe limit

Such sorry state of affairs and role of silent spectators of the regularity bodies speak volumes of the health issues of the people of the Sargodha which are affected mainly due to the high air pollution coupled with the insanitary conditions and the clouds of dust and smoke emitted from the factories.

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