December 9, 2017

DENMARK: Denmark’s Immigration Minister Wants To Send Failed Muslim Asylum Seekers To Deserted Islands While They Await Deportation.

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Friday December 8, 2017

Breitbart (h/t Marvin W) The proposal, which was initially put forward by the populist Danish People’s Party (DF), would see failed asylum seekers being kept on one of the 300 or so deserted islands while they await deportation. Stรธjberg said that while she agrees with the proposal in principle there would be some challenges in regard to its implementation, Berlingske reports.

“I am always ready to look into good ideas for how we can improve the control of rejected asylum seekers. This is of course also a proposal from the Danish People’s Party,” Stรธjberg said.

Denmark has been much tougher on mass migration than her neighbour Sweden since the migrant crisis reached its height in 2015, enacting laws to discourage economic migrants. The Danes have even proposed to strengthen the border with Sweden, citing the high numbers of Islamic extremists in the country that could pose a threat to Denmark.

Earlier this year the Danish parliament, or Folketing, passed a resolution against mass migration stating that Danes should not become a minority in their own country.

The text of the resolution read: “Parliament notes with concern that today there are areas in Denmark where the number of immigrants from non-Western countries and their descendants is over 50 per cent. It is parliament’s opinion that Danes should not be a minority in residential areas in Denmark.”

More than any other Scandinavian country, Denmark has taken the lead in restricting Muslim asylum seekers from coming in.

Muslim asylum seekers don’t want to stay in Denmark anymore because their “migrant salary” aka welfare, has been reduced by 50%.

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