November 12, 2017

IRAN: Iranian Women Stand Up To Men Ordering Them To Put A Veil On As They Defy Islamic Sharia Law By Going Out Without Hijabs (Islamic Head Covering). 👏😊👍

Daily Mail, UK
written by Julian Robinson
Thursday November 9, 2017

Footage has emerged of women standing up to police and strangers in Iran after defying laws by walking the streets without hijabs.

Women filmed themselves without veils to capture some of the abuse they face for failing to adhere to Iran's strict religious rules.

At one point a female campaigner shouts 'spit out your insults' after being told to cover her head while a second film shows a man threatening to slap a young woman for breaking the law.

Another video shows a father standing up for her daughter after a passer-by ordered her to 'observe hijab'. The father stands his ground and tells the man 'I don't believe that nonsense'.

The veil has been a mandatory dress requirement for women in Iran since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

But a movement called White Wednesdays sees women flouting the regulations by capturing footage and pictures of themselves without their hijabs and posting it online. Some of the clips have appeared on the Twitter account My Stealthy Freedom.

One clip says: 'I have no fear of you, my camera is my weapon here! This brave woman [is] unveiling herself to protest compulsory hijab while walking her dog.

'Watch how she got attacked by people about hijab and walking a dog. She is strong and filmed it all for #WhiteWednesdays.'

Another video shows a man storming over to a woman and saying: 'I'm going to slap you if you don't wear your hijab.'

When the woman asks what he is going to do, he simply replies: 'Put on your head dress.'

A passer-by then walks over and tells the man: 'You can warn her calmly right? You can't slap a woman.'

One touching video shows a father driving with his young daughter in the passenger seat and talking about her future.

He tells the camera: 'My inspiration for joining the campaign and to oppose compulsory hijab even before that, has been the future of my daughter.

'I want her to be able to freely make her decisions under the best of conditions. Long live White Wednesdays.'

In one video, a defiant campaigner insists women are 'not puppets'.

She says: 'Keep the desire for dignity, freedom, love and hope for all Iranian women. Iranian women deserve the best! Iranian women are not your puppets to do whatever you wish with them; to forcefully bully them, kick them out of stadiums, or forcibly make them wear hijab.

'Iranian woman is a beautiful independent creature full of love and hope. you cannot under any circumstances, suppress them.'

Since the 1979 revolution, Iran has required women to wear the Islamic headscarf in public.

The Islamic code also forbids women touching, dancing or singing with men outside their families.

Women are only allowed to show their face, hands and feet in public and are supposed to wear only modest colours.

Over the years, however, women have pushed back the boundaries of the law, with many wearing loose, brightly coloured headscarves far back on their heads.

Iranian girl disagrees with hijab on Iranian state television. You have to see how this Islamic woman completely covered interviewing her reacts and even men in the audience react appalled because well, the hijab and burqa are enforced upon women because Islam is protecting THE MEN from their male sexual urges, INSTEAD of teaching the Islamic men SELF CONTROL. Listen to this bs. God forbid non-Islamist dressed based upon our customs in an Islamic nation, we would be arrested by Islamic sharia police, gang-raped by Islamist men, or killed by Islamist men. And by the way, Islamist force their dress code upon the non-Islamic civilization. Not the bs those trendy celebrity jihadi Islamist women claim to be because they want to wear it. Female oppression should not be fashionable. Look, if you want to dress this way, that's fine. But don't impose (force) your dress code upon non-Islamic businesses, non-Islamic schools, non-Islamic governments. I grew up around Hare Krishna's in the Venice Beach, CA area and Hollywood, CA area, they NEVER IMPOSED themselves upon our secular society. Neither have the Catholic nuns. You don't see them suing secular businesses, schools, or governments to let them dress with their clothing like Islamist women do worldwide with the hijab and burqa. (emphasis mine)

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