October 5, 2017

Full Moon In Aries On Thursday October 5th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

I added the picture gifs above to the message I've shared with you below. I highlighted the part of the message that inspired the picture gifs I chose. The pictures and gifs that I share sum up my interpretation of the current astrological message.
Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com
[source: www.CrystalWind.ca]

Dear Friends,

Full Moon is Thursday, October 5 at 12:40PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

A good day to focus on what feeds you and to nurture your desires. Practice spending time in both being and doing, gratitude and inspiration. There is also some good chi around this full moon that can either throw you into, or out of a situation, relationship, attitude or pursuit of a dream. Unexpected turnabouts could happen so pay attention and be present so you can roll with the punches instead of under them.

Blessings, Lena

Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Aries Full Moon
Sun in Libra/Moon in Aries ~ 13ยบ
Thursday, October 5, 12:40 PM Mountain Daylight Time
(Thursday, October 5, 2017, 6:40 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

An Aries Full Moon is about courage, knowing what is good for you now, and taking action. Risky? yes, but Aries encourages us to be bold and take the initiative for our own best outcome. We’ve just rounded the corner of Equinox with the Sun entering Libra, and we are enjoying the balance of equal day and equal night. Balance is what Libra seeks. It’s Libra that brings the social graces to the zodiac with a Venus ruler along with the need for justice and cooperation in all our relationships. Aries and Libra are two ends of the same spectrum ~ Self and Other, Independence and Cooperation.

We can learn much from Aries Moon about putting ourselves first, speaking up for how we feel, and using our energy to take the lead.

With the Moon in a fiery sign, Aries, and the Sun in airy Libra we lean into our masculine qualities. We can harness our objectivity, we can utilize both destruction and creativity, we can act spontaneously from the gut; we can draw down confidence (even if we’re not totally feeling it) and we can erupt or be diplomatic.

Mars and Venus – rulers here – happen to be in exactly the same degree ~ 19ยบ Virgo. Our masculine and feminine selves are in accord, working well together, in unity as they stand in tantric union. We can give and receive. Virgo encourages us to take stock of where we are in our lives and use our discernment to improve our masculine/feminine balance within and to adapt to the changes asked of us. Virgo takes this balance and dedicates it to service and to the Earth. In this moment the Masculine (Mars) and the Feminine (Venus) are truly aligned ~ just what we have worked so diligently to awaken in ourselves and with each other. At this Harvest Moon, take a moment to acknowledge all you have experienced and the journey you have taken in balancing your inner masculine and feminine.

The big event this month is gift-giving Jupiter changing signs on October 10 and moving into water sign Scorpio. Jupiter has been in Libra for 13 months sensitizing us to how to show up for what we see as unjust and out of balance in our world – plenty of fuel for that fire. We have refined our relationship harmonics. We are owning our projections.

Jupiter is the beacon that helps us search for understanding and meaning in our world, and helps us create our beliefs, ethics and morals out of that search. Just last week, Jupiter completed its third (Dec ’16, March, Sept.) and final opposition to one of the biggest change artists in the zodiac – Uranus. When these two join forces we have big, sudden and erratic changes evidenced by the HUGE changes many are experiencing personally and collectively. Changes that can be disturbing, overwhelming and empowering! I might add when we come through periods of huge coronal mass ejections (CME) from the Sun as we did in September breaking decade records for size, this augments the depth and breadth of change, breaking apart, revolution and liberation from what was.

As Jupiter begins its yearlong journey in Scorpio on Oct 10, we begin working with stagnation, elimination and deep psychological transformation. Scorpio can bring you to catharsis and regeneration as the mysterious and unconscious material that didn’t even have a name or a place on the shelf is released. Sexuality, life and death struggles, and the influence of powerful, magnetic people may arise in your life in the areas where Jupiter is traveling in your chart. The complexities of the human condition especially when tested under extreme pressure (like we have now) will be on center stage. On the darker side, the erotic, the hidden, the secretive, the vengeful may get a full measure of expansion under Jupiter’s influence. As the Sun enters Scorpio on Oct 22 and joins Jupiter on Oct 26, that should be a good time for you to get an intimate look at the best qualities of Jupiter in Scorpio. With this new placement in the feminine, power water sign, healing power and charismatic energy increases – a resource we are in great need of at this challenging time.

Sun and Mercury in Libra are traveling together. It’s hard to get a clear perspective mentally when they are so close together, and with an Aries Moon opposite these two, communication could get hot and hotter. Aries tends to like the-scorch-and-burn approach to negotiation. Pluto along with Juno is squaring the Sun and Moon signaling a dynamic moment, perhaps of crisis, perhaps an opportunity to partner and relate in a new way. Relationships whether personal or in business may take the brunt of the Aries heat that needs release. The backbone of our relationships might be in for some restructuring after words fly to clear the air. If feeling erupts under the Full Moon, have the courage to listen and receive. Default to the Truth. Perhaps you can offset unsettled and volatile emotion by drawing on Libra’s ability to speak first with love and kindness creating a container where restlessness, stress or aggression can be acknowledged and contained. Pluto and Juno, asteroid of partnership and marriage, will be moving closer and closer over the next 60 days. This Moon just might signal the emergence of an issue ready to be dealt with from deep within your relating issues. Keep in mind this is a Moon of Projection of your self on to others. How you express yourself carries great weight here. Welcome in change to increase the power of your partnerships and relationships. If the days of Full Moon feel dense and impacted, beauty is the antidote.

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