September 30, 2017

USA: 10,000 Containers Of Supplies Sit In San Juan Due To Union Truck Drivers ON STRIKE And Puerto Rico's Devastated Infrastructure. Geraldo Rivera In PR Challenges San Juan Mayor To Show Him Dying People.

Pres Trump sent out that tweet above on Wednesday SEPTEMBER 20th. 
Pres Trump sent out that tweet above on Tuesday SEPTEMBER 26th.
How and where did San Juan Mayor get this t-shirt she's wearing printed?!
I was happy to see honest reporting coming from this NBC reporter on Tues Sept 26.
The truckers union in Puerto Rico are pissed off because they wanted to take advantage of the catastrophe and get paid big bucks. When the PR Governor refused and signed a law allowing non-union truckers to come and help Puerto Rico get through this crisis, the PR truckers union basically told Puerto Ricans, their own people, they could care less, f**k off, and die. It's painful to listen to this PR union trucker being interviewed. He has no shame. AND ALL OF YOU IN THE MEDIA and celebrities SHOULD BE ASHAMED for blaming President Trump and the United States for the plight of the Puerto Rican people. Extremely powerful Hurricane Irma first leveled Puerto Rico 3 weeks ago when the union truckers decided to go on strike. Then came catastrophic Hurricane Maria to wipe out what was left. (emphasis mine)
DATED THURSDAY SEPT 28, FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Teams have covered 90% of Puerto Rico island. But the media and Progressive Democrats and celebrities who hate President Trump continue to lie to the world that nothing is being done.

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