August 14, 2017

USA: It Dawned On Me, White Supremacists (KKK), Black Lives Matter (BLM), Islamist, and Antifa (Anarchists), ALL HATE Jews and Israel. Wow. 😧 Watch Complete Video Of Charlottesville Tragedy.

The media is lying that President Trump waited 48 hours to condemn Charlottesville violence specifically naming "White Supremacists" as demanded by the Leftists.
Please note, BLM and Antifa DID NOT have permits to march, or hold rally, or publicly protest. BUT the White Supremacist did get a legal permit to protest on public grounds. Shame on the Democratic governor of Virginia AND the Mayor of Charlottesville for telling the police to stand down so all of you on the left could spin this tragedy and paint President Trump and his supporters as White patriotic racists.
Please note, the people marching in this video who assaulted the media are Black Lives Matter and Antifa who were bused in to violently attack the White Supremacist protest.

March/Rally in America on 7/20/2014 - Muslims in Chicago, USA chant “Free Palestine, death to Israel, death to America”.

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