August 6, 2017

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius On Monday, August 7th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

I added the photo above to the message I've shared with you below. I highlighted the part of the message that inspired the picture I chose. Prayer aka meditation is your gateway, portal to releasing all of the toxic energy you have absorbed knowingly or unknowingly. Prayer (meditation) opens the portals of heaven for you like penetrating the sound barrier, and that divine energy fills the depths of your being here on earth. We must consciously make it our lifestyle to spiritually replenish ourselves as often as needed. Prayer (meditation) will be different for every person because we're all facing unique circumstances in life. Prayer (meditation) will always help you find the answers you seek and will always leave you with a peace of mind, body, and soul.❤ (emphasis mine)

Full Moon Update 8-07-17
Intro written by Lena Stevens at
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Update 8-07-17

Dear Friends,


This is the first of the 2 eclipses bookending a time of intensity and major opportunity for growth. The Full Moon is a perfect time to set your intentions based on what you have been able to evaluate and re-evaluate about your life, where you have been and where you wish to go.

Make sure to give this more than lip service or a fleeting acknowledgment. The time you put in right now will have lasting results so don’t waste the opportunity. Also honor this Full Moon as a gateway or a portal, like opening the door to this great potential of a powerful RESET for the areas that need it in your life. This portal stays open until the full solar eclipse on August 21. The time between the 2 eclipses is very powerful and could be intense and chaotic with lots of movement and action, some difficult and unwelcome, and some, a welcome breakthrough.

Best if you really work this time to your advantage and use it well. Don’t get distracted by other peoples chaotic process. Stay to your own focus, intentions and reevaluation. The next eclipse will be a marker for a huge reset.


Astrological Notes:

Full Moon in Aquarius ~ Partial Lunar Eclipse
Sun in Leo ~ Moon in Aquarius 15º
Monday, August 7, 12:10 pm Mountain Daylight Time
(August 7, 6:10 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Lammas or the midpoint of summer and fall is on Aquarius Full Moon this year. A powerful Leo Sun reigns over this eclipse season. Last New Moon was at 0º Leo and the next New Moon at the total solar eclipse is at 29º Leo. Eclipses magnify and increase the power of the Full and New Moons. Eclipses mark endings and new beginnings. A portal like this is a call to focus your intentions, like pausing to consult the (inner) map during a long road trip.

The Aquarius Full Moon (15º) we have now is the opening act with a very partial eclipse of the Moon visible over Europe, Northern Africa and Asia. Here with the eclipse at the South Node is where we release the old, what has gone before and allow the endings. The Grand Finale will be the total solar eclipse on August 21 with Sun and Moon in Leo 29º, and the Moon perfectly blocking the light of the Sun for those precious few minutes that allow the electromagnetic link to our planet to be suspended, and in that powerful letting go, we are released, cleared and renewed, and we begin again ~ an event honored by ancients as sacred and powerful. We choose from Leo the source of our courage and heart to create our lives renewed, to allow what is new to be born in us.

We will see the central path of the later solar eclipse totality crossing through middle America, heartland country, asking us all to turn our attention to the shadow side of our nation, to focus our heart powers of love and courage to heal division, blame, prejudice and to begin again to see our common goals and love of personal freedom that we hold in this country.

Let’s look at what the Aquarius Full Moon has to offer us. Here is the energy for reform and innovation with truly inspired and original, inventive solutions to tangled situations. Here too is the urge towards revolutionizing and moving forward in all areas of social change, social responsibility, and standing up for the society you want to live in. Aquarius brings a progressive point of view valuing freedom and individuality, and they welcome the unconventional while championing all beings as equal. Aquarians are future oriented; they’re progressive. As the fixed air sign, they represent powerful mental energy, not the ‘strictly info’ kind of mental, but the brilliant, intuitive and inventive cosmic download kind of genius.

Aquarius owes its brilliance and eccentricity as well as its rebellious nature to its ruler Uranus – the Awakener, the Observer, The Exile. Uranus helps us realize the future – see it, as well as simultaneously create it. See that word REAL in realize? Well, that’s what we’re called on to do now- bring the future we want down to the Earth plane.

We can:
  • Revolutionize without resisting – directing strong emotional responses through our integrity and balanced judgment in this polarized world we find ourselves in.
  • Create in the cosmic realms, the Quantum field, the invisible worlds, the astral and let it manifest through you into the physical world (without attachment to how it gets created – leave that to Spirit….)
  • Innovate pushing the edge/boundaries of what you have done before or intuited before.
  • Cooperate banding together with the like-minded and using the power of the group and the collective to wield some real power for change. Joy and healing live there – being with others and ending separation.
The eclipse window in Leo is pushing us across the bridge of ego, pushing breakdown, pushing crisis, pushing the shadow up to be heard, seen and witnessed. Uranus doesn’t care about your discomfort. It sees into the long game, the future and all that can be gained by a shattering realization or crisis. Uranus tests your will to hold to your ideals. Both fanatics and humanitarians are two sides of the Uranian character. When the mental fixity and stubbornness of Aquarius takes over, huge resistance, fanaticism and cold rational thinking can prevail. We’re seeing a bit of that here in American politics-America does have an Aquarius Moon (27º) after all. The Moon in a country’s chart represents the “people”, and they are coming together as a voice to represent the humanitarian end of the spectrum (seeking to champion the poor, elderly, immigrants, gays, universal healthcare…). Notably, the solar eclipse on Aug. 21 is at 28º55’ Leo is just opposite the USA’s 27º Aquarius Moon. And as it is doing so, the “people” will be making a choice and renewing their dedication to America’s democratic ideals.
I'd like to point out that the "people" have already quite clearly made a choice on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 to renew our dedication to America's Constitutional Republic. The "people" decidedly and without question rejected Marxism Socialism. Look at every city and state across America that has Democrats (Marxist Socialist) elected officials in charge. Seriously, go look up that city and state's economic data.  ALL in chronic poverty, high crime even though they have strict gun control, and on the verge of bankruptcy because of the obscene debt therefore are forced to increase taxes on the very people who put them in charge to pay for their fleecing of the public funds. Please I implore you all to stop and think about this for a moment. You keep supporting an ideology and party that has a long history of failing to deliver what it claims to represent. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

America held a free and fair presidential election this past November where ALL presidential candidates from every party AGREED TO THE ELECTION RULES before signing up. You can't decide to change the election rules or decide to honor the "popular vote" AFTERWARD because you lost!
(emphasis mine)
On August 2-3, Uranus began a long retrograde period until Jan 3, 2018. So, Uranus is moving extremely slowly and will spend 9 weeks at 28º Aries and is considerably stronger at this time as it changes direction. So be aware the energy of breaking free and loving your own quirky, unconventional self is about to get a booster shot. Acknowledge your restlessness with increasing grounded physical activity. Expect the unexpected and turn up your adaptability. Uranus can represent your higher cosmic self or essence. Our inner ‘witness’ will be stronger with the Aquarius Full Moon – learn from it.

Mercury in Virgo will change direction too. That means retrograde for three weeks from Aug 12 to Sept 5 (but not fully out of its shadow period until Sept 19th). Mercury, our thinking and communicating focus, is turning its attention inward giving us the bandwidth to look deeply into our lives and reevaluate our harvest, our resources, our health, while seeing where we have become too perfectionistic, self-denying, and worried. Vesta traveling with Mercury reinforces going to our inner temple for guidance.

Expect Saturn to also change direction and turn direct later in the month 9/25. So as you can see, the eclipses are in a nest of shift and change. What a magnificent portal for your creativity!
This Full Moon chart is also notable for Mars in Leo traveling with the Sun. We had that at last New Moon too, and it will be still active during the solar eclipse. Mars is our assertive action-taking self, our source of passionate, instinctual energy, our masculine yang force. So we can expect the effects of adding fuel to the fire of Sun Leo making experiences a little more raw, a little more volatile, a little like having a king (Leo) with a martial presence (Mars) at his command.

Jupiter in Libra, who has been expanding our education in the fine art of relationship and diplomacy for nigh onto a year, is playing nice with the Sun and Moon. Jupiter will expand and support the themes of the Leo/Aquarius axis (self expression/social responsibility) in our interactions and relationships with others. All the better to see ourselves reflected in the eyes of another. But an exact square to Pluto says the darker parts of our power must needs be dealt with before the ‘gifts’ of Jupiter are distributed!

The asteroid goddesses are holding down the feminine pole in this chart. Vesta, Pallas Athena, and Juno are in the Earth signs forming a Grand Trine of groundedness and support, and Ceres-Venus are in Cancer together soothing the emotional energies of this very hot and predominantly masculine chart.

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