July 23, 2017

Leo New Moon Sunday July 23rd. Innovate And Implement by Tania Gabrielle!

Innovate and Implement
written by Tania Gabrielle
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[source: CrystalWind.ca]

On July 23 a courageous, generous, fiery and fun New Moon in LEO blesses us with major opportunities for advancement.

This is a BIG one – it begins three Leo (and Aquarius) lunations, two of which are eclipses!

Leo rules the HEART in our physical body, a call-to-action to be open-hearted. How do you use creative energy in your life and when you engage with others?

At exactly 00° in Leo, the zero-point beginning of the sign, and with the Sun and Moon next to Mars, ruler of Aries, the FIRST sign of the zodiac, there is a lot of forward momentum and NEW beginnings energy – which the New Moon naturally invokes anyways!

You are invited to put NEW discoveries into ACTION in a big way now.

This is fiery energy!

Other fortunate developments:
  • The Grand Fire Trine (Saturn, Uranus and North Node) is activated by this Leo New Moon
  • July’s 17 Universal Month in 2017 exactly mirrors the theme of courageous leadership and infinite abundance
  • The Universal Day for this New Moon is 23 – the “Royal Star of the LION” number, enhancing the Leo energy!
This juxtaposition of the astrology and numerology codes is immensely powerful. Use it in a creative way, because the energy can also feel overwhelmingly intense, if you’re not using it creatively.

Sun, Moon and Mars square Uranus will generate a lot of heat – as all are in FIRE signs.

Surprise (Uranus) and fiery energy (Mars) are mixed together, so be mindful about getting overheated, upset, impatient or impulsive.

Use the fired up, creative surge to innovate. Immerse yourself in your imagination, and then implement.

When big and bold creative energy surges like this one happen, especially with Mars square Uranus – and we’re not in a calm, balanced place – we create more drama, or get power-hungry, and act childishly.
I've added these two pictures above to emphasize Tania's written new moon message. ~Me :)

Aslan: "But who is Aslan? Do you know him?"
"Well - he knows me."
―Eustace and Edmund (Chapter 7)

Aslan, also known as The Great Lion, is the creator and one true king of the world of Narnia, and generally a representation of all that is good. [source: Narnia.wikia.com]

Instead, channel the energy in a very wise and healthy way.

Stand up and be a LEADER.

Be the person others look to for inspiration.

So many productive changes are inspired by this amazing Leo New Moon. Take the confidence boost and joy – and run with it!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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