July 9, 2017

Capricorn Full Moon This Weekend July 8/9 by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

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Full Moon Update 7-08-17
Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com
[source: www.CrystalWind.ca]

Dear Friends,


This is a good moon to anchor something you have taken action towards especially something that relates to physical activity and the movement of your body. If you have been a slug lately, this would be the day to be more active and to make a commitment to using your body in a more active way.

This is also an important moon to focus on your personal environment and take action or reset what you need to in order to provide more nurturing for yourself based on the emotional truth about what you need. Spend time with others but be firm with your boundaries. Work with the Sun as an ally and be inspired by some risk you have taken. When you take a risk you give up your comfort zone and there may be fear involved. Remember you have Mars on your side so use that energy well or it will use you. As childhood fears of inadequacy surface, push them gently aside with compassion and remind yourself the you are no longer that child and that you deserve to have everything you need to move forward in your life.


Astrological Notes:

Full Moon in Capricorn
Sun in Cancer ~ Moon in Capricorn 17ยบ
Saturday, July 8 10:06 PM Mountain Daylight Time
(Sunday, July 9, 4:06 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

Are you ready for some powerful energies? I know you are because you have already lived through the opposition of Mars and Pluto with the Moon triggering all sorts of tension last weekend. We’re getting adept at maintaining awareness of our emotional triggers, even skillful. But when Mars, that masculine symbol of passion, aggression and instinctual action opposes the Lord of the Underworld dredging up some transformative, gut level lessons, the cosmos has our attention.

The Sun and Moon just can’t wait to add their weight to the situation. Come Full Moon, the Moon joins Pluto in Capricorn, and the Sun, master power of our Solar System, joins Mars. That is big energy! There will be no spectators, only participants! All the coaching advice out there is to live to your fullest potential and be all you can be. Well, here’s your opportunity to show what you’re made of and how prepared you are to go to the next level. There are those who will cling to old ‘control’ strategies, bullying and ‘power over’, but really, with Jupiter in Libra squaring this traditionally volatile opposition of Mars and Pluto, the resolution of two intense opposites is most likely coming from cooperation, fairness and inclusion (via Jupiter) – The Middle Way – in Buddhism that balance between the material world and the spiritual world, the honing of mindfulness, effort, concentration, and knowingness. The cosmos is inviting us to train in the martial art of creating our future.

Contemplate the tarot card, The Tower – a no-choice situation; jump or die; no use in hanging on, just instinctual action ~ card of restructuring the old and artificial. With Mars involved, it becomes personal; we are renovating ourselves, our ego-personality, how we have always shown up. With Pluto, the lesson stretches to become both societal as well as personal. We surrender our old snakeskin, old forms and institutions and await our transformation and expansion into the ‘new’. Find your detachment. Watch the dissolution with a neutral eye.

With the Sun in Cancer, it’s the time of the zodiac when we are concerned with nourishment, family, tribe, home, mother, food issues, the past, and our ancestral inheritance that means ancestral patterning as well. What ancestral patterns are you carrying that you could be free of? This is the time for their ritual healing. The Full Moon in Capricorn contrasts home with community, our achievements particularly in our careers, how we show up with authority and integrity and uphold the societal values and stabilizing institutions. Capricorn, wherever it may lie in your chart, is where you have tenacious ambition to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles. Capricorn has a natural ally in its Saturn ruler for this task of gathering material wealth and status within the community as a symbol of hard work and focused productivity. Capricorn rules the hard, bony structures of the body – skeleton, joints, nails teeth, knees and Capricorns tend to get stronger (and more youthful) with age. Saturn makes Capricorn practical and methodical, and a dutiful and responsible being known for their dry wit. Perhaps these qualities will help you further your goals and ambitions for this Moon cycle.

Ruling planet Saturn is involved in a Finger of God or Yod pattern – a catalyst for adaptation in hard times, Mars and the South Node are involved, so it might go something like this – disciplined practical action to get beyond the old way of doing things with your emotional charge acting as an obstacle needing to be cleared. Mars and Saturn are like the gas and the brake of the zodiac, so what do you go for? Well, the gas, but how? Not with a righteous zealousness, but with a solid footing in a plan looking at the big picture. With Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Moon and Sun all active in this Full Moon chart, we’ve got focus and energy for some practical restructuring in the areas of our lives that have just been yearning for attention, so let’s use it!

At the same time, Saturn continues in a Fire Grand Trine with Eris, newest dwarf planet and showing no fear to raise conflict and controversy to expose injustice and power imbalances, and also the North Node, our edgy point of growth. Fire signs are inspirational, energetic and dynamic; Grand Trines provide ease and grace; Saturn in Sagittarius and retrograde and Eris in adventurous Aries are crusading for letting our beliefs shift to empower whatever we have in our hearts to create (Leo North Node).

Chiron, the masterful Centaur healer always seeking to make us whole, has just turned retrograde at the last degree of Pisces to give us a last experience (until December) of healing the collective scarring of the last 2000 years of the Age of Pisces. In this Moon chart, Chiron squares Ceres, goddess of the grain, Earth-Mother Nourisher, midwife for birth and death. Chiron in Pisces will help Ceres in last degree Gemini surrender her grief and outrage with the past to enable her to free her power and love for all living and growing things.

Nature is our healer here. Turn to the Earth for this Capricorn Moon. Send your roots deep into our Earth Mother and honor and bless her for providing us with this physical life. May she have everything she needs.

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