June 13, 2017

VIETNAM: 30,000-Ton Chemical Tanker From Cayman Islands Runs Aground Off Vietnam Coast.

Tuoi Tre News, Vietnam
written by Staff
Monday June 12, 2017

A tanker carrying nearly 30,000 tons of industrial chemicals remains tilted to its side after running aground off the south-central coast of Vietnam on Saturday.

The Vietnam National Search and Rescue Committee (VNSRC) said on Sunday afternoon that it was still working on a plan to salvage the distressed vessel off Binh Thuan Province.

According to VNSRC, the Caymanian chemical tanker, Chemroad Journey, was on its way from Singapore to China on Saturday when it ran aground just after 7:00 pm near Da Ty Islet, 28 nautical miles to the south of Phu Quy Island in Binh Thuan.

At the time of the incident, the ship was carrying nearly 30,000 tons of industrial chemicals, namely butyraldehyde, ethylene glycol, ethyl hexanol, and ethanol amine, as well as 170 tons of fuel oil and 113 tons of diesel oil.

A crew of 26 seamen, all of whom are Caymanian nationals, were aboard the vessel, which leaned 15.5 degrees to its left after the incident.

No injuries have been reported, and the ship’s captain has not sent out a distress signal, according to the VNSRC.

Contact has been maintained with the ship and the relevant authorities are prepared for an immediate response should further trouble arise.

The Command of the Vietnam Coast Guard dispatched a ship to the chemical tanker’s location on Sunday afternoon to monitor its activities.

The VNSRC has demanded the captain of Chemroad Journey not release its chemical load in order to free itself, as this would cause serious pollution in Vietnamese waters.

Vietnam’s Southern Center for Oil Spill Response has also docked two ships at Vung Tau Seaport to respond to any further developments.

The company that owns Chemroad Journey has hired Ho Chi Minh City-based sea transport company HIGH SEA and Japan’s NIPPON SALVAGE CO. LTD to carry out a rescue of their grounded tanker.

On Sunday night, a tugboat sailed from Vung Tau City with a crew of experts and engineers to begin the operation.
Shipwreck Log
written by Paul Hancock
Monday June 12, 2017

On June 11, the 174 meter long, 33526 dwt tanker Chemroad Journey ran aground in the South China Sea near Phu Quy Island, Vietnam. The Chemroad Journey was headed to Zhuhai from Al Jubail with 30,000 tons of chemicals (butanal, ethylene glycol, monoethanolamine) and 800 tons of fuel oil when it ran up on the rocky bottom.

The tanker sustained hull damage to the ballast tanks and suffered water ingress. Unable to control the flooding, the Chemroad Journey developed a 15 degree list to port. No reports of injuries to the 27 crew on board.

Authorities state there is a strong concern about pollution being released. A response team was monitoring the situation and coordinating efforts with the vessel’s owners to prevent any property damage and environmental pollution in the area. Reports state a Japanese salvage team has been contracted to survey and salvage the tanker.

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