June 14, 2017

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: A Pakistani Muslim Man 'Wore A Burka To Lure, Deceive Boy, Then Raped And Killed 11-Year-Old Boy' In Abu Dhabi.

The Daily Mail, UK
written by Josh Kirby
Wednesday June 7, 2017

A man disguised himself in a burka in order to lure an 11-year-old boy whom he then raped and strangled to death, according to police in Abu Dhabi.

The accused was aware that the boy would not accompany him if he knew he was a man, the Gulf News reported.

The suspect, a Pakistani immigrant to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, is said to be known to the family of the victim, whose father is Pakistani and mother is Russian.

He is accused of raping the boy and strangling him to death with a rope after picking him up from Ramadan prayers at a mosque.

Azan Majid Janjua was reported missing last week after failing to come home from the mosque.

He was later found by air-conditioning technicians on the roof of the building where he lived.

He was reportedly found partially unclothed with his Quran lying beside him.

The suspect was arrested within 48 hours of the discovery of the body, police said, after forensic evidence linked him to the crime.

They declined to give any further details about the suspect or the evidence incriminating him.

The murdered boy's father, Dr Majid Janjua, 38, told the local news site that his son was not in the habit of going off with strangers.

'He never went outside without our permission,' said Dr Janjua. 'It is fate; Allah's decision. We have to accept it.'

The boy's mother is understood not to live in the Gulf state but was visiting at the time of the incident, which took place in the first week of the Islamic holy month Ramadan.

Dr Janjua revealed that his son was enthusiastic about his religion and had been in high spirits on the day he was killed.

'He woke up early and had suhour with us. We went for Fajr prayers at the masjid and he was in a very happy state of mind,' he said.

If found guilty, the accused man could face death by firing squad, which is a possible sentence for those convicted of murder and rape in the United Arab Emirates.

However, death sentences are rarely handed down, and those that are handed down are often commuted to life in prison.

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