June 9, 2017

Sagittarius Full Moon Friday June 9th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

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Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com
[source: www.CrystalWind.ca]

Dear Friends,


Pay attention to what is unfolding with ease, support and inspiration. If it is not unfolding easily, put it aside for now. Your reality check at this time needs to include what inspires you. If you are not inspired in your life you are probably playing out someone else’s reality.

This is a good moon to focus on your own blossoming. You should feel ready to unfold and be in full bloom. Every flower is different, unique and has its own beauty. Be around something or someone you love so that you can anchor the feeling of being in full bloom into your personal reality and make it so.


Astrological Notes:

Sagittarius Full Moon
Sun in Gemini ~ Moon in Sagittarius 19ยบ
Friday, June 9, 7:09 AM Mountain Daylight Time
(June 9, 1:09 PM, Greenwich Mean Time)

Sagittarius is our archetype for wisdom, truth and understanding. As the ninth sign, we have gathered enough energy through the signs of the zodiac starting from Aries to now begin to look upward and outward, to see the bigger picture, to take the information gathering of Gemini and turn it into bigger concepts for society like law, philosophy, religion, higher education, and to include a global, international point of view. Sagittarius is where we are drawn to learning, expanding our abilities, and seeking the freedom to explore. Sagittarius calls on us to have faith in something larger than ourselves.

Can you hear the rulership of Jupiter in this? Jupiter adds optimism, enthusiasm (Sag is a fire sign after all) and leadership. Take your cue from Sagittarius and cure your ills by being broad-minded, outgoing and inclusive – it’s good medicine. Invite in more intuition, luck and joy into your life this Moon. When you’re up next for some big lessons and attitude adjustment (like you and the whole world are right now), you want that Sagittarian energy close by, in your posse, so at least you’re having some good laughs and philosophical insights with friends who are looking to the horizon and not down into the swamp.

Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs (moving forward), gall bladder and liver (purification). Think of yourself as half horse and get yourself out in nature to release pent up and over inflamed energy.

Lord of Karma, our Master Teacher, Saturn is conjunct the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Here’s the ‘reality check’. Sag is about truth. The Truth. Your Truth. Telling the truth now, the whole truth. Put Saturn with the Moon ~ you have to tell the emotional truth, the subconscious truth. With Ceres, Mother Goddess, riding with the Sun opposite Moon-Saturn, the truth may be tied to your self worth and your issues with bonding, and how you were programmed at the earliest emotional levels. You may be called to midwife yourself through some charged emotional territory to gain more freedom. You may have to nourish yourself more deeply than you ever have before.

There’s so much support from ruler Jupiter who’s lending opportunity, expansion and enthusiasm to the Sun/Moon axis. Just wait, just as the Moon reaches fullness, Jupiter ends its four-month retrograde at 13ยบLibra! Boy Howdy! Let’s start moving this show down the road. Come fall, it’ll be ‘full steam ahead’. Jupiter in Libra is bringing us the opportunity to drop individual competitiveness and ‘all for me’ mind for practicing some real cooperation and the joy and lift it brings. We are balancing the scales and feeling in to how equality and inclusiveness fits into our value system. How are you living cooperation, beauty and balance in your life?

Committed relationships of all kinds are going to have to step up, and seek equilibrium. Allowing new restructuring and more freedom along with greater personal responsibility for all the dirt piles ego creates can go a long way in transforming your partner satisfaction. Thank you Pluto and Juno. Ask not what your partnership can do for you, but what YOU can do for your partnership.

Most taxed is Neptune- no easy avenues of expression here. Neptune in Pisces squares the Sun and Moon. This breeds illusion, overwhelm, getting enticed by your addictions, and settling in to that ‘I don’t really care’ state. Only surrendering denial of where we are hurting and putting down our defenses of our most tender parts will bring us closer to compassion for ourselves. Neptune is also the apex of a Finger of God ~ look to intuition, the poetic, your dreams and what dances you to loosen the deep cultural deception that binds us to the old martyred ways. Neptune is that almost, but not quite palpable force that is dissolving and washing away the old in our hearts and souls and preparing the way for the powerful feminine to guide and bring us to live through our intuition and wisdom, much like the The Empress Card – Love with Wisdom.

We still have a Grand Trine in Fire signs looking like this: Saturn in Sagittarius trines the North Node in Leo trines Pallas Athena-Eris-Uranus all together in Aries. All the fire signs lit up! ‘What does it mean, they cry!’ It means you have a fire lit under you, you hear the truth, a bell goes off and Bam! Insight, Shift, and Action take place. Or you take a risk and you feel more alive than you have in a long time. Or there’s a line drawn in the sand, a huge blow up ensues, and everything is rebalanced and on the right track, because the truth has been told. Or you follow the long, disciplined practice of bringing your inspired idea into creation. There’s no way to predict how it will manifest for you, but you get the gist. The North Node assures us this is the cutting edge and right where our growth lies. And a Grand Trine means great ease. Go with what you’ve got!

These next two months are our rest time between the intensity of Spring and the renewed press of energy in the Fall when we reopen ‘growth’ season with a lunar eclipse on Aug 7 and a huge total solar eclipse on August 21. That period will last into November at which time we will make the third and final pass of several big aspects. We will see how much we have grown, how flexible we have become, how new arenas of cooperation are overshadowing greed. We learn more faith and clear focus with every spin of the Moon.

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