June 13, 2017

KINGDOM of BELGIUM: Convicted Islamist Terrorist Leader Allowed To MARRY While In Prison In A Move That Could Stop Him Being Deported Back To Morocco. 😧😠

Campaigners fear the marriage will stop Belkacem, who ran the terror website Sharia4Belgium, being deported back to his native Morocco.

You know... the same Islamic sharia law that the Leftist together with the Muslim Community say is not a threat to our freedom loving, secular, non-Islamic civilizations. The same Islamic sharia law that the Leftist together with the Muslim Community tell us is not going to be imposed upon non-Muslim countries that it's 'right-wing racist bigot hysteria'.
The Daily Mail, UK
Terrorist leader, 35, is allowed to MARRY while in prison in Belgium in a move that could stop him being deported back to Morocco
written by Chris Pleasance
Sunday June 12, 2017

Belgium's most notorious terror recruiter has been allowed to marry the mother of his three children from behind bars.

Fouad Belkacem, 35, wed the woman in Hasselt prison several weeks ago in a move that activists and politicians fear could stop him being deported back to Morocco.

Under the alias of Abu Imran, Belkacem ran the Islamist website Sharia4Belgium which aimed to turn the European nation into an Islamic state.

Belkacem openly praised Osama bin Laden and called for the implementation of sharia law, including the death penalty for homosexuals.

He also spent years recruiting jihadist fighters and encouraging them to go and fight in Syria against Bashar al-Assad.

In early 2015 Belkacem was sentenced to twelve years behind bars and handed a £26,000 fine by a court in Antwerp.

Belgian authorities have already started a procedure to strip him of his passport and nationality, which would mean he would be deported after serving his sentence.

Antwerp alderwoman Zuhal Demir revealed she denied permission for the marriage three times before local authorities approved the union.

In a furious Facebook post, Ms Demir said: 'He detests our laws but used them to legally to marry. To what end?

'We owe this unscrupulous gentleman nothing. I hope that deportation after jail time is still possible.'

Ms Demir, whose parents are Alevi Kurds from Turkey, branded the affair 'a painful missed opportunity.

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