May 11, 2017

INDONESIA: Islamic Sharia Blasphemy (PERCEIVED OFFENSE) Verdict Sinks Jakarta Christian Non-Muslim Governor, Elevates Islamic Hardliner. This Is How Islam Takes Over Governments.

Jakarta Globe
written by Reuters staff
Wednesday May 10, 2017

Jakarta - As the panel of five judges delivered the verdict condemning Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama to two years in prison for blasphemy on Tuesday (09/05), they cited firebrand Islamist Rizieq Shihab as a Koranic authority.

Imprisoned twice for inciting violence, the leader of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) had until recently occupied the fringe of Indonesian society; his followers are regarded as thuggish vigilantes with a penchant for extremism and extortion.

His recognition by the court as a venerable Islamic theologian — and the court's verdict itself — highlights the rising influence of Islamist groups in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim-majority country but one with a multi-religious constitution and a tradition of tolerance.

As the panel of five judges delivered the verdict condemning Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama to two years in prison for blasphemy on Tuesday (09/05), they cited firebrand Islamist Habib Rizieq as a Koranic authority.

However, President Joko "Jokwi" Widodo — a moderate reformer and an ally of Ahok — has publicly played down concerns about rising Islamic intolerance. After Tuesday's sentencing, he urged Indonesians to respect the legal process, noting that Ahok will appeal.

As he geared for an election to win another term as governor of the Indonesian capital last year, Ahok told a group of fisherfolk that his rivals were deceiving people by using a verse in the Koran to say that Muslims should not be led by a non-Muslim.

That comment triggered mass demonstrations, which were spearheaded by the FPI, and the blasphemy case against the ethnic Chinese and Christian governor.

Voting for Non-Muslim

Rizieq was mentioned among several witnesses as the judges dissected the contentious verse in the Koranic chapter Al Maidah. The court endorsed his interpretation that it forbids Muslims to vote for non-Muslims. Ahok had "deliberately" and "convincingly" blasphemed, the judges found.
So, the Christian non-Muslim Governor of Jakarta is being jailed for telling the TRUTH about Islamic teachings! Islamic community is pissed off and offended that the non-Muslim Governor TOLD THE TRUTH about Islam. (emphasis mine)
"Rizieq is not qualified as an expert," said Todung Mulya Lubis, a leading Indonesian lawyer and rights advocate. "I was so shocked listening to that."

Shocking, too, said Todung, was the verdict itself.

Rizieq had been a prosecution witness, but the prosecutors had asked only for a suspended sentence on the lesser charge of insulting language. In the end, the judges went for a jail term under the more serious charge of blasphemy.

"The judges did not really take into account what was submitted from the defense team," said Todung, noting many senior clerics had sided with Ahok.

While Ahok repeatedly apologized for any hurt caused to Muslims, one judge, Abdul Rosyad, said the sentence was warranted because "the defendant didn't feel guilt."

Ahok was immediately taken to a detention facility in Jakarta after the sentencing. He had been due to hand over the governor's post in October.

'Victory for Hardliners'

Ahok was widely admired as governor of Jakarta for his no-nonsense style and programs to fix the Indonesian capital's traffic-clogged and flood-prone streets.

He had held a double-digit in opinion polls over his electoral rivals until an edited video of his comments on the Koranic verse was distributed by Islamist groups last September. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims then joined rallies to demand his imprisonment. On April 19, he was defeated by a Muslim candidate in a runoff vote for the governorship.

Tim Lindsey, a University of Melbourne expert on Indonesia's legal system, said it was not unprecedented for Indonesian judges to take a harder line than prosecutors.

Even so, Lindsey said, conservative clerics had clearly influenced the panel of judges.

"This is the complete victory for the hardliners."

Andreas Harsono of Human Rights Watch said the case would consolidate a literalist interpretation of Al Maidah that demands Muslims be led by other Muslims in all facets of life.

"This will spread to the workplace. They will be demanding Islamic chief executives and senior civil servants. Islamists are already talking about it."

While President Jokowi displays outward calm, several government sources have told Reuters he believes the rising influence of Islamism has been fueled by political adversaries and is distracting him from reforms.

On Monday, Jokowi's government announced a ban on Hizbut Tahrir, a non-violent group that advocates an Islamic caliphate and was an organizer of the anti-Ahok rallies.

Police, meanwhile, have arrested leaders of Islamic groups for treason. Rizieq is also under investigation for distributing pornography and blasphemy.

Here is a glaring video of the group Hizbut Tahrir (also spelled Hizb ut-Tahrir) that the article above claims to be a "non-violent group". They are ALL waving the same Islamic Caliphate black flag that ISIS (aka ISIL, Daesh) uses, and ALL other Islamic groups worship too. The term "Caliphate" (also spelled Khalifah) for those of you who do not know, means to them, Global Islamic domination with their OPPRESSIVE Islamic sharia law ruling ALL of humanity. The same damn Global Caliphate the Leftists Marxists and media claim is a lie.

Look at the poor little boys in the video brainwashed to worship this garbage they claim to be "peaceful" when there is daily evidence to the contrary. And another thing I want to add, this propaganda video was taped in 2015. This Islamist militant group wasn't hiding in Indonesia. The government did nothing and allowed them to grow and grow and grow. Heck, they have even been publicly caning people who have offended them for even the most minor offense such as how they dress in public, or because non married couples held hands in public. Look it up, there are tons of videos on YouTube that prove the public caning. What "blowback" do you Marxists, and media blame this Islamist terror on?
The Australian
written by Amanda Hodge and Nivell Rayda
Tuesday May 9, 2017

The Indonesian government will seek to disband the pro-Islamic caliphate group Hizb ut-Tahrir in the first of a likely series of bans aimed at undermining a potentially potent opposition ahead of the 2019 presidential poll.

The Co-ordinating Min­i­ster for Politics, Legal and Security, Wiranto, said yesterday he would petition the courts to dismantle the group as part of a wider review ordered by President Joko Widodo of mass organisations whose activities and ideology threaten national unity.

“We have examined one mass organisation, Hizb ut-Tahir Indonesia, and concluded that as a mass organisation HTI has not played a positive role and taken part in the national goal for development,” he said yesterday.

“Activities conducted by the HTI have been the source of controversy and friction amongst ­society and could threaten public security and safety and threaten the unity of ... Indonesia.”

General Wiranto said the move did not mean the government was against Islamic civil ­societies, but simply committed to “safeguarding the unity of the ­Indonesian people”.

Hizb ut-Tahrir is banned in many countries, including Germany, China, and Egypt, but has operated in Indonesia since the 1980s. The group was a major force behind the protest movement against defeated Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaja “Ahok” Purnama, a key ally of the President, who faces a verdict today in what many believe was a politic­ally motivated blasphemy trial.

Indonesian moderates concerned at the rising influence of a more conservative Islam will ­likely welcome the HTI ban, but the move will also play into the hands of those now seeking to portray the President as a ­defender of Islam’s enemies.

The Indonesian chapter of Hizb ut-Tahrir is part of an influential international organisation openly committed to pursuing the removal of all existing governments in the Muslim world in favour of a pan-Islamic theocracy. In Indonesia, it is estimated to have as many as 3.5 million members, with its strongest support in cities and on university campuses.

“We operate legally, orderly, peacefully and almost never caused any legal problems,” HTI spokesman Ismail Yusanto said on the group’s website. “HTI will take the needed steps to reject its dissolution.”

“We were never invited for a discussion or questioned according to the law on mass organisation which stipulates that there are steps taken before a disbandment could be performed such as the first, second and third reprimand.”

“”HTI is a group which propagates Islamic teachings in this country which we believe to be the solution to the many problems this country faces.”

Mr Yusanto last week denied the group was anti-Pancasila and said he could not understand why it was on a watch list.

“HTI is an Islamic organisation whose main activity is propagating Islamic teachings. Sharia, caliphate — all are Islamic teachings. Administratively, we are a legitimate organisation, a legal entity,” he said.

Bonar Tigor Naipospos, deputy chairman of Indonesia’s pro-democracy Setara Institute, told The Australian he believed the move to dismantle HTI was part of a “larger government plan” to disarm protest movements against the government and ­Jokowi before the next election.

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