May 3, 2017

BRAZIL: Video Shows Muslim Refugees Standing In A Group On The Sidewalk Throwing A Homemade Bomb At Anti-Migration (Refugee) Law Protesters Yesterday Tuesday May 2nd. 😧

Published on May 3, 2017: São Paulo, may 2, 2017 in a peaceful demonstration against the law of migration, in front of the building of the Presidency of the Republic in AV. Paulista, is interrupted by a homemade grenade thrown by Palestinians and Syrians Muslims on defenceless people, and still left for assaulting protesters.

The military police intervened quickly, generating a huge mess and managed to arrest the attackers, who still harboured other homemade bombs, hammers, knives and punches English.

Taken 78th Precinct police officer, the police found that belonged to a very well-funded group, because immediately appeared more than 10 lawyers and others, aggressive and causing disorder at the station.

At this time, around midnight, in front of the 78th PRECINCT, groups of Muslims, around 40 people, who are doing demonstration in favour of criminals who attacked citizens.

Jihad Watch
written and shared by Robert Spencer
Wednesday May 3, 2017

Brazil’s new Migration Law relaxes criminal penalties for migrants. At a recent protest against this law in São Paulo, Muslim migrants demonstrated their distaste for dissent. Jihad Watch reader Natan sends in this video and writes:

Terrorist Attempt at Anti-Migration Law Protest in Brazil.

Syrian immigrants throw homemade bombs at peaceful people protesting at Av. Paulista in São Paulo, Brazil.

The attack took place on May 2, when the group of protesters was walking.

The attack was recorded by one of the protesters.

In the video it is possible to see when the Muslims ignited the artifact and launched against the civilians.

Police arrested the attackers, the crime was registered at a local police station.

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