March 1, 2017

USA: NBC: 'No Indication Of Any Collusion' Between Trump and Russia
written by Joseph Curl
February 15, 2017

After Hillary Clinton's monumental loss in the 2016 election, she and her team of sycophants, bent on casting blame anywhere but the failed candidate with a losing message, spit out one of the all-time fakest of all fake news stories: The Russians did it.

Team Clinton said that she'd lost to a reality show star because the Russians, spearheaded by President Vladimir Putin, had directly sought to influence the election -- and succeeded. In their version of events, Putin masterminded the hacking, and subsequent release, of emails from the Democratic National Committee and top aides to Clinton. While the emails showed that Hillary and her cronies used underhanded methods to defeat primary challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders, they said the very release of the emails proved the Russians were involved.

But Wikileaks, which poured out the documents, has repeatedly said that their source was not the Russians. And even the FBI under President Barack Obama said there was no evidence. But the lapdogs in the media, doing what they do best, picked up the canard created by Team Clinton and ran with it.

Yet here's a story you likely didn't see -- anywhere. That's because the MSM isn't reporting it, and won't anytime soon (doesn't fit the narrative, you see).

NBC News reporter Tom Winter dropped a bombshell on Twitter on Wednesday.

After a report on the Russian allegations, NBC anchor Craig Melvin asked Williams about the allegations.

MELVIN: “Pete Williams, let me come back to you, because President Trump was asked about precisely what we were just talking about, this idea that his campaign at the time had a number of conversations with suspected Russian operatives, that was the question. Not sure if folks at home could really hear the question being asked. President Trump choosing to ignore that question in the Oval Office. But you were saying that some of these reports — it sounds like some of these reports may be a bit overheated. Is that a fair adjective to use based on your sources?”

WILLIAMS: “What I was going to say, Craig, is they’re just about midway through this. They’ve got several months more to go. They found no indication that there was any collusion. The number of these contacts was not a large number, they were not constant. They were not contacts, as far as the U.S. knows, with Russian intelligence people. One official told me today, ‘You never know with the Russians,’ but there is no confirmed connection between these Trump associates and any Russian intelligence figures.”

So, there you have it. NBC News eschews the fake news business -- for now, anyway -- to report actual facts. And the network even went one further with regard to National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who resigned amid a flurry of reports connecting him to the Russians.

Think anyone will follow these huge stories? Think again. The MSM is too busy making up "facts" to go out and investigate.

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