February 27, 2017

USA: Deplorable Gays for President Donald J. Trump. A Basket Of Gay Deplorables Celebrate Trump’s Victory.

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written by Deborah Weiss
Monday January 31, 2017

Right around the time that the unhinged Left was setting cars ablaze, marching with fake vaginas on their head and throwing water on those in inaugural gowns, one group in the LGBT community gathered to celebrate Trump’s victory.

The Inaugural Deploraball (taken from Hillary Clinton’s condemnation of Trump supporters as “deplorable”) took place on Friday, January 20, 2017, in Potomac, MD, an upscale suburb just outside the beltway, selected in part to avoid anticipated protests. Though the Left insists on identity politics where women, gays and blacks simply CANNOT be conservative, a room filled with approximately 200 people defied this constructed reality.

Gays for Trump hosted a beautiful formal affair, complete with hors d’oeuvres, an open bar, a three course sit-down meal, music and dancing. Those in attendance came from all over the country, hailng from Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Orlando, and even Honolulu.

Almost everyone there, when asked, cited the desire to combat Islamic extremism as one main reason they supported Trump. “We’re beginning to raise awareness”, explained Scott Presler, one of the event organizers.

Scott “came out” as both gay and a Trump supporter around the same time, shortly after Omar Mateen murdered 49 people at a gay nightclub in a Jihadi attack in Orlando. From that point forward, Scott actively worked on Donald Trump’s behalf, tweeting, organizing, and raising money for pro-Trump billboards in Orlando. Scott is also active in GOP politics in Virginia, where he resides, and is involved with Act! for America, a non-profit national security organization that focuses largely on anti-Sharia issues.

One after another, in formal speeches as well as impromptu remarks given by those handed the mic after winning raffle prizes, attendees confessed their support for Trump, in a fashion that resembled introductions made at twelve step programs. “Hi. I’m gay and I support Trump.” They introduced themselves and proceeded to tell their personal stories.

“This room represents true diversity --- not just of skin color, but of the way we think”, one speaker quipped. Another speaker who helped run the event, Robert Luke Antonek, understands that what happened to those at Orlando could have happened to him or anyone in the audience. “We will not stand for intolerance or those who will hurt, maim and destroy.... Why do we support Trump? Because he supports us!” Cheers erupted.

Several people expressed the idea that while they are gay, they are Americans first. Ryan Caley, an attractive, articulate libertarian, explained that gay rights, while important, are not his only concern. Obamacare is crushing him. And his grandfather, who is a legal immigrant to America, resents the fact that others are coming across the borders illegally. “This doesn’t mean we’re against immigration”, Ryan argued. “Come here --- but do it legally. Go through the process.”

There was even a transsexual for Trump at the Deploraball. A huge man over six feet tall, named “Annie Smith” was dressed in a long black sequined gown with a slit, false eyelashes and a wig. He/she is “transitioning” and unabashedly supports Trump.

“Do you think Trump is homophobic?” I asked. “No!” he/she replied. “All the hysteria is over nothing. Gay marriage has been decided and that is what Trump said. I don’t know what universe the media is in.” “Are you worried about a conservative Supreme Court Justice?” I inquired. “No! I took 8th grade civics and Trump said he’ll pick a Supreme Court Justice that follows the Constitution. Hillary never mentioned the Constitution. People need to read it. Sorry, (he/she said sarcastically) I don’t mean to be a factual person.” Annie explained that he/she swore an oath to the Constitution during his 35 years in the Marine Corps and believes it applies to all people regardless of race, ethnicity or orientation.

Some believe that Trump has gotten a “bad rap” and has, over the years, been a friend to the gay community. Alfred Lagstrom from New York proclaimed that 9/11 was his wake up call regarding Islamic terrorism and Islamic supremacy. Surprisingly, he even demonstrated empathy for the Religious Right. “I’m glad Trump is going to select a conservative Supreme Court Justice. Fundamentalist Christians have a right to live their lives the way they want to. They are forced to do things against their fundamental beliefs and no one should be put through that.” He went on to acknowledge that but for the Judeo-Christian values upon which this country was built, gay people would not have their freedom. He also agrees with Trump on Trade, Obamacare and numerous other issues.

Peter Boykin, Founder of Gays for Trump, is in strong opposition to identity politics generally. “This is not going to be a Chuck Schumer speech” (where Schumer listed Americans by their religious, ethnic, racial and sexual orientation identities). “I’m just like Donald Trump only without the billions.” He emphasized that, “This [event] is a Trump Inaugural celebration, not a Crooked Hillary funeral.” But the choice was clear. “Hillary sucks. She made it easy.”

Gays for Trump is growing their organization and planning additional pro-Trump events, including a July 4th celebration in the Nation’s Capitol. If you are interested in supporting this group and welcoming them into the fold, click here.

PS: The author of this article attended the ball in a custom tailored red sequined, glitter and lace gown. She was happy to attend the gay ball as press, because, she explains, if a lady wants to be surrounded by men that have a genuine appreciation for her clothes and accoutrements as well as all the work that went into the final look, Gays for Trump was the place to be.

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