February 27, 2017

DENMARK: Danish Mosque Refuses To Distance Itself From The Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL)

Fria Tider
written by Mattias Albinsson
February 2, 2017

FOREIGN. Oussama El Saadi, the imam of Grimhøjmoskén in Danish Aarhus, refuses to distance itself from the Islamic State. There he says in an interview with BT.

- If it is right or wrong according to Islamic rules, I can not answer, he says.

1100 yazidiska girls and women in the past year received professional help in Germany to process the trauma they suffered as sex slaves in the Islamic state. It is about women and girls who either escaped on their own or freed with help.

The news agency AP interviewed one of them last summer, the 18-year-old girl who drowned herself in gasoline and lit himself on fire in a desperate attempt to avoid being a sex slave. She has severe burns and even though she lives in Germany, she is afraid of retaliation from the IS-sympathizers in Europe.

The article also mentioned an eight year old girl who resold as sex slave eight times and raped 100 times during a ten-month & shyperiod.

Such here and similar horrific stories of the IS rampage in the Middle shock many in the Western world. But Grimhøjmoskéns imam Oussama El Saadi would still not take away from the terrorist group.

- I do not deny that IS has done what they have done. But if it is right or wrong according to Islamic rules, I can not answer, he tells BT.

- I'm not the ulama (Muslim scholar). So it is my assessment. I might say that it is wrong, but then there is a fatwa (Islamic edict) which entitles them to do so.

He continues the interview by saying that the mosque is "neutral" in terms of IS and also gives his own views on the Yezidis:

- You can not call them Muslims ... Yazidier. I think they worship the Iblis (Satan).

In Denmark Grimhøjmoskén notorious Islamist context. Several Muslim terror suspects linked to the mosque. Among them, the three men suspected of plotting to murder the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard who is known to have depicted the Muslim prophet Muhammad wearing a turban with a bomb.

22 of 27 Islamists from Jutland who traveled to Syria to join the militants, which is connected to the mosque. Furthermore the Danish TV2 documentary "The mosques behind the veil" revealed how an imam in the mosque to teach Muslims about stoning and flogging.

Thomas Hoffmann, professor of islam- and Koran studies at the University of Copenhagen, believes that Grimhøjmoskén gives its tacit consent to the IS terror.

- By avoiding to take a position, he could not deny the Sharia laws allowing slavery and sexual slavery. It is central to the literalist Salafi version Grimhøjmoskén sign on, he says.

Yilmaz Yildiz is spokesman for an organization representing the yazidiska ethnic group in Denmark. He is shocked that an imam can sit in Denmark and does not take away from the IS.

- He thinks that the IS. With the statements legitimizing Saadi IS persecution of us and makes us a target for the second fanatical Muslims, said Yildiz.

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