February 16, 2017

CHINA: Terror In China On Wednesday When 3 Islamist Men Attacked Crowded Shopping Area Stabbed Ten People, MURDERED 8.

South China Morning Post
written by Teddy Ng
Wednesday February 15, 2017

Eight people were killed in a violent attack in China’s restive region of Xinjiang on Tuesday, mainland media reported.

A news portal of the Hotan government reported on early Wednesday morning that three knife-wielding men attacked and stabbed multiple people in Pishan county. Police shot dead the three attackers.

Ten people were injured in the attack. Among them, five were certified dead after being sent to hospital.

Social order has been restored and an investigation is ongoing, the report said. The identity of the attackers were not disclosed.

Xinjiang has been plagued by violent attacks over the years, which Beijing blamed on Uygur separatists.

In December, a car carrying several “terrorists” crashed into the yard of the office building of the local Communist Party committee in Karakax county and set off explosives. One person was killed and four assailants were shot dead.

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