January 19, 2017

USA: HE DID IT: Mexico Comes to Table, Tells Trump They’ll Discuss the Wall

Conservative Tribune, USA
written by Staff
Friday January 6, 2017

Every ludicrous doomsday theory liberals spouted about President-elect Donald Trump prior to his election in November has begun to unravel, including the one about him potentially damaging America’s relationship with our neighbors.

As an example, consider what Mexico’s new foreign relations secretary Luis Videgaray said this week. “(He) said Tuesday his country isn’t just willing to negotiate changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement, it wants to start talks as soon as possible,” the Associated Press reported.

And here was the kicker: “He (also) said Mexico is willing to negotiate over Trump’s plan to build a border wall.”

Apparently predicting the future is not a liberal strong suit.

During a televised address last Wednesday, the same day Videgaray was tapped to serve as the foreign relations secretary, Mexican President Enrique Peรฑa Nieto himself stressed the importance of negotiations.

“With the change of government in the United States on 20 January, the instructions for secretary Videgaray is (sic) to accelerate dialogue and contacts so that from the first day the bases for building a constructive work relationship can be established,” he said, as noted by The U.K. Guardian.

Moreover, according to Robert Costa, a reporter for The Washington Post, Trump and his team strongly believed that the selection of Videgaray as the foreign relations minister would serve greatly to their benefit vis-ร -vis building the wall.
“The way Trump team are talking about wall behind the scenes: we can work w/Luis Videgaray, force Congress to get the project started,” Costa tweeted last Friday.

This, however, did not mean the negotiations would be easy.

“We will negotiate with great confidence in ourselves, without fear, knowing how important Mexico is for the United States in economic, social and political terms,” Videgaray said Monday during opening remarks at the 28th Annual Meeting of Ambassadors and Consuls, according to Business Insider.

Still, who would have thought that one day Mexico itself would voluntarily come to the table for negotiations? Certainly not liberals.

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