January 17, 2017

USA: FBI Confirms Fort Lauderdale Mass Shooter Islamist Terrorist Carried Out Attack For ISIS

The Daily Caller, USA
written by Saagar Enjeti
Tuesday January 17, 2017

Fort Lauderdale shooter Esteban Santiago told FBI agents he carried out his Jan. 7 deadly shooting in the name of the Islamic State, CNN reports.

Santiago killed five and wounded six in a shooting rampage in the baggage claim area of Fort Lauderdale airport. Santiago reportedly checked his gun in his bag, loaded it in the bathroom, and randomly executed his fellow passengers.

The FBI revealed Santiago’s confession at his bond hearing Tuesday. Santiago appeared to harbor delusions about being controlled by ISIS, and reportedly walked into an FBI field office in Alaska to confess his delusions about being controlled by ISIS.

Official ISIS media arms have not clarified whether they will accept Santiago’s confession.

Santiago reportedly spiraled out of control in the year leading up to the rampage. He had his guns confiscated by police twice and told his family he was hearing voices. Santiago was a U.S. army veteran who deployed to Iraq.

The Florida Sun-Sentential paints a grim profile of Santiago’s last days in Alaska before carrying out his attack saying:
Santiago spent his last weeks in Anchorage living at a budget motel with $30 a night sleeping pods, seemingly subsisting on jerky, chips and orange soda he paid for with cash at a nearby store.
Naomi Harden, another store employee, said she recently saw Santiago standing outside the motel in the freezing cold, wildly flailing his arms and screaming. It appeared he was having an argument, but a closer look revealed there was no one else standing there with him.

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