January 11, 2017

ISRAEL: 5 Reasons To Move The US Embassy In Israel To Jerusalem

Daily Wire, USA
written by Michael Qazvini
Thursday January 5, 2017

Washington is having a meltdown over President-elect Donald Trump’s pro-settlement US ambassador to Israel nominee, David Friedman. Friedman has signaled that he may work to move the current US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, officially recognizing Israel’s eternal capital.

Successive Republican and Democratic administrations have refused to make the bold move out of fear it may further inflame the Arab world.

However, decades of appeasement has done little to advance peace. The Palestinians are still unwilling to negotiate, and the Israelis are still under siege by Islamic terrorists.

We’ve all heard the arguments against moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Given the diplomatic stalemate in the region, none of these arguments appear incredibly convincing.

So, here are 5 reasons to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

1. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people. Before the emergence of both Christianity and Islam, Jews tilled the soil in Jerusalem, building two magnificent temples to serve God. Despite a history of harassment, rape, torture, and genocide, the Jewish people have lived in the storied city, uninterrupted, for over two millennia. The Western Wall is a testament to the men, women, and children who have died to live in the land that they believe God has promised them. Jerusalem grips the Jewish cultural psyche with unyielding passion. The city’s legacy is woven through Jewish rituals, rites of passage, and prayers like a thread that can never be severed. Jerusalem is to the Jewish people as Mecca is to Muslims. It is their place of worship; the house of their God; their home.

2. The status quo isn’t working. Years of concessions have done nothing but turn the world against the Jewish State. Even with America’s historically steadfast support over the last few decades, Israel has been subjected to a litany of abuses in the international arena. President Obama’s betrayal of Israel at the UN, however shameful, was largely an anomaly. The United States is still Israel’s strongest ally, despite the Obama administration’s vicious efforts to unravel the US-Israeli relationship. And yet, no president has been bold enough to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Perhaps such a move is necessary. Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate America’s resistance to Israel’s land claims in Jerusalem. What else is there to lose? The Arab world already hates Israel and the Jews. Palestinian terrorists have stepped up their efforts to slaughter innocent Jews even as multiple administrations have attempted to forge an equitable peace that would benefit both parties. Many peace deals, like the one devised at the Camp David accords, have been nothing but generous to the Palestinians, yet they choose to double-down on violence. The argument that bold US action may rock the boat is simply false. The boat is already floating through a storm; might as well fortify the defenses and project strength.

3. Israel’s enemies respond to strength. Moving the US embassy is the ultimate power move. The Palestinians have never backed down from their hatred of Jews as a result of land concessions. When Israel pulled out of Gaza, the Palestinians responded by democratically electing a radical Islamic terrorist group, Hamas, to launch missiles at Jewish civilians. When Israel put a 10-month freeze on settlement construction in the West Bank, the Palestinians refused to come to the negotiating table. There is no appeasing a culture adorned by anti-Semitism. Israel is fighting against an irrational hatred. The only way to defeat the enemy is to project strength and reclaim the mantle of Zionism. By drawing clear lines in the sand, Israel, with the backing of the United States embassy in Jerusalem, will send a message to the Palestinians that nothing can be taken for granted, even East Jerusalem, when it comes to future negotiations.

4. Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem will show the world, once again, that America is in charge; it establishes the rules of play, and protects its allies with firm resolve. Under President Obama, the US has wavered on its commitments to its allies, turned its back on key partnerships, and forged agreements with sworn American enemies. It’s time for America to stand up for freedom and democracy, once again. The world needs to know that America will not only protect its own interests abroad, but those of its allies. By all accounts, Israel is America’s closest ally in the Middle East. Israeli intelligence feeds information to the CIA and other American agencies to help track Islamic terrorists in the region, providing the US with a key strategic advantage against groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda. In terms of moral values and democratic ideals, Israel and the United States are virtually aligned. To abandon Israel is to signal to the world that America is weak and unwilling to fight the forces of fascism and evil. Nothing will do more to restore American prestige and ensure that the world respects US hegemony than unapologetically backing Israel’s most cherished goal of cementing a capital in the heart of Jerusalem.

5. Only Israel will protect worshippers of all faiths. Today, no other people but Muslims can pray at the Temple Mount (known to Arabs as the Al Aqsa mosque). The area is controlled by the Jordanian Waqf, a state controlled Muslim religious endowment, forged on the brutal history of Islamic colonial control over Jews (dating back to the Rashidun caliphate). If Israel were to control the capital, it would allow all faiths, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Bahaiis to worship in Jerusalem. The Jewish State would protect the religious freedom of every group as dictated by Israeli law. Already in Israeli cities like Haifa, minority religious sects have established large shrines devoted to their respective prophet or God. Such a feat would not be possible in any territory controlled by Palestinians. Want proof? Look at the West Bank, Gaza, and literally every other Muslim-majority territory in the world.

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