January 28, 2017

Aquarius New Moon On January 27th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Dear Friends,


A good time to revisit and refine some of what you have been persisting with to see if it needs more or less flexibility. What has been unexpected? What has been a surprise? Where have you been resistant? Where have you been stubborn? What do you need to let go of? How can you better support what is important to you?

We have some good momentum for creativity and innovation with this new moon and the beginning of the Chinese New Year (January 28, Year of the Fire Rooster). It is time to show up, move forward, take a risk, dream big, stop procrastinating, make a choice, welcome change and step into more of your power.

Redefine and reset. Be flexible and persistent. It will pay off!


Astrological Notes:

New Moon in Aquarius
Sun and Moon ~ 8º
Friday, January 27, 5:07 PM Mountain Time
(Sat. January 28, 12:07 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

Aquarius it is! Just the energy we need to begin a new cycle as we initiate a major political shift in the US presidency and welcome in the New Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster on January 28. You can feel the heat radiating off that cocky little rooster just waiting to strut its stuff in the barnyard, and with this Aquarian New Moon we add the element of fixed air, and you know what happens when you add strong wind to fire!

Uranus is the ruling planet here. Uranus is involved in the dominant aspect of our current times ~ the Uranus/Pluto square. This game-changing, evolutionary configuration is not news, you can feel it in your gut that life just is not what it once was, and it’s not quite clear where it’s headed. If your point of reference lies somewhere between the 50’s and the 70’s, then you have had to do some major rewiring to come up to the new ‘building’ codes being asked of us. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

Aquarius is about the bigger picture, taking a futuristic view; it brings forward ‘group’ energy, working together for the ideal, valuing the community and bringing collaboration to a creative zenith. Aquarians love the eccentric, weird, unfamiliar and experimental. They’re progressive, inventive, sometimes genius types with a strong vein of humanitarian values. They are the caretakers of the collective. You know, ‘liberté, égalité, fraternité’ the cry when Uranus was discovered in 1781 and much of the world went into revolution for a more democratic way of life. With their Uranus ruler, above all they value their Individuality and FREEDOM (and yours too) and they do not balk at creating chaos, revolt and destruction of the no longer useful or relevant. Aquarius’ mental detachment that diminishes the personal, feeling level, allows them to embody agape for the betterment of the world for all.

At this time, Uranus in Aries is not only still within a square aspect with Pluto, but also Jupiter in Libra is opposing Uranus (from Nov. last year until fall 2017). Well, this T-square formation is causing a lot of stress, polarization, strong fanaticism, and expansion of the revolutionary, rebellious spirit that Uranus is so known for. The Women’s March in every state in the USA, every continent (including Antarctica), and so many countries is the perfect expression of this powerful aspect ~ humanitarian, inclusive, transformative, based in relationship, full of jovial camaraderie and a magnificent show of power – all the best Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter have to offer. It’s apparent the grassroots populous has been awakened to their part in this drama of breaking down old, corrupt structures (Pluto in Capricorn).

There is an auspicious amount of creative energy in the New Moon chart. It comes in the form of the Sun and Moon in Aquarius having only one aspect and that is a quintile (72º) to powerfully situated Uranus. Quintiles naturally divide the 360º zodiac into 5’s – the creative artistic number, the number of Venus, the pentagram, the dodecahedron. Quintiles represent creative resolution and one’s individual talents and exceptional abilities expressed out into the world. Thinking and creating out of the box and in the portal where anything is possible. The quintile is an aspect that the sensitive person aligned with more subtle forces can make creative use of. The Sun-Moon are giving us a taste of working with a form of subtlety or higher frequency in this New Moon cycle. In addition, Mars is in quintile aspect to Pluto-also a part of the T-square so the divine masculine is weighing in on the direction that transformation is manifesting, perhaps learning how to work creatively with the power of the feminine as it is in the sign of Pisces; Mars is also traveling closely with Venus in late Pisces for just a few hours before he changes signs to Aries-his personal favorite, a sign he rules-fiery, potent and interested in action!

And then there’s Juno quintile Pallas Athena that provides lessons in balancing the masculine and feminine within ourselves as well as finding the right balance between our creative expression and our relationships. Pallas Athena and Juno also provide support for productive creative partnerships of all kinds. Where there are trampled parts of self within you due to relationship experiences, disempowerment experiences, these have an opportunity to surface, be heard (by you), and be energetically healed with these two powerful goddess archetypes working creatively together. Apply as needed.

Keep this in mind as the New Moon in Aquarius initiates a new cycle, Chinese New Year begins, Mars enters Aries and Mercury fully leaves its shadow period after the recent retrograde all at the same time, it’s full steam ahead! Not a single planet is retrograde until February 5; these are fortunate ‘move ahead’ times that occur for a few weeks here and there every year. So, you have just been handed a rocket pack for the upcoming week.

Another thing, eclipse season comes early this year falling in February and August. February 10-11 is the penumbral eclipse of the Full Moon in Leo (22º). Here’s a good time for putting everything emotionally unneeded in the trash and emptying it with blessings and respect. The Annular eclipse of the Sun follows on February 26 with New Moon in Pisces (8º). Of course, the big eclipse of the year is the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, being called the American Eclipse because it will be seen along a path from Oregon to South Carolina in its totality. The Cosmic Order obviously has something in mind for the USA especially the midlands.

Don’t you just love astrology, that divine science that keeps filling our datebooks with powerful portals and alignments to help us express our essence here on the physical plane.

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