December 12, 2016

USA: MSNBC Host Apologizes For Falsely Claiming Fox News Held Its Christmas Party at Trump Hotel. Here's Your Fake News That Was Reported As "Real News".

Published on Dec 9, 2016

This morning, MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle accused Fox News of holding its Christmas party at President-elect Donald Trump’s recently opened Washington hotel.

The comment was part of a discussion revolving around potential conflicts of interest the incoming POTUS may have when it comes to his businesses. The only problem was that Fox News has not even held its annual party yet and the upcoming party they’ve scheduled will be at a different hotel that isn’t affiliated with Trump.

During the 2 PM ET broadcast of MSNBC Live, Ruhle delivered a statement explaining that she was wrong and apologized for the mistake.

“This is some serious business that I need to share. I need to apologize to the audience. Earlier today in a segment I stated that the Fox network held their holiday party at Trump’s D.C. hotel. I was wrong. We’ve since learned that neither Fox network nor an affiliate held any party at Trump’s Washington hotel. I stand corrected. I apologize for the error. I am truly, truly sorry. The mistake entirely my fault. And of course, I wish all my friends over at Fox a very happy holiday no matter where you have your party.”

The upcoming Fox News party will be held at the Liaison in Washington.

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